Approaches + Skills

Wrench Rust by HVargas

It’s not  a novel idea to combine Skills and Approaches at the same time. This allows for both the quick-and-dirty feature of approaches to receive some of the nuance that come from skill-lists. A related discussion seen around the FAE blogosphere is whether or not a space game necessitates a long list of skills and expertise options. I vote no – it doesn’t. Especially not in a light-on-science-heavy-on-action space opera like Galactic Adventure tries to be.

For now, here is the list of Skills that I’m considering for this particular FAE Hack:

Tech, Weapons, Diplomacy, Pilot, Mechanics, Thinking, & Instinct…. with Command and Science as peripheral ideas I might come back to later.

Of the above skills I think Instinct is the one that needs the most explanation. This covers the use of innate abilities of the characters species/alien culture. (For humans it might include bare-knuckle fighting).

This list is 7 skills long, one longer than the list of approaches. As the intention of adding skills is to differentiate characters more, an extra +0 is included during character creation. As such, characters can assign +3, +2, +2, +1, +1, +0, +0 to their starting skills.

I’m excited to see some Forceful Diplomacy, Flashy Mechanics, and Careful Weapons in my future games!


One thought on “Approaches + Skills

  1. I’ve thought along these lines too, except my thoughts were to redo the first six approaches too. I mean, flavorwise you could narrow them more specific to a setting. As for the “Skills” side… I like the idea of using Professions or what would be classes instead for a list.

    For a recent idea, I toyed with using this for approaches: Power, Finesse, Resistance, Humanity, Cybernetics, Monster. It borrows from the New World of Darkness.

    I agree that this variation in Fate Core has potential. I still wish I could think up the best “SciFi” version of approaches.

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