Solar System by Dmitry Boyarin

Characters in Galactic Adventure! start with 5 Aspects: High Concept, Trouble, Alien Culture, and Two Others

The High Concept, Trouble, and Two other Aspects are crafted just like they are written in standard FAE. The Alien Culture Aspect is where things get fun…

First, a note on terms. Race is a ubiquitous term in RPGs that really get messy  and sloppy. When talking about peoples living on different planets there are arguments (some good and some not so good) for why race, species, or ethnicity all might be the best term to apply. Within Galactic Adventure! the terms Alien Culture or Alien Species and Cultures are used instead, as a way to account for the unique social, psychological, behavioral, and biological differences that exist between planets and groups. It’s not a perfect term, and it might change, but that’s what it is for now.

Alien Culture Aspect

Whether this specifies the Species or the Planet of origin for the character, write it down. Using our Solar System for an example we could have Earthling, Martian, Venusian, Moon-Man, etc.

Now every Alien Culture has a myriad of aspects associated with it (and Alien Write-ups will come in near the future!). These do not apply to each member of that culture equally. Choose two of these sub-aspects two write underneath your Alien-Culture Aspect. These can be invoked or compelled as normal, and the primary Alien Culture aspect provides permission for all of the things that come with being that kind of Alien.

So again, let’s look at our solar system. Making things up on the fly we could have.

~Naive to the Galaxy
~Government Sponsored

~Angry at the Stars

~Singer of the Universal Song
~Expert Solar-Sail Pilot

~A Moon-beast is a Moon-Man’s best friend
~Cousin to the Moon-Queen

Now other Martian characters may be able to breath-fire, since being Martian gives them permission – but they’re not aspects.

So there you have, 5 Aspects, 2-Sub Aspects and a whole lot of fun.


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