Bajan – Example of Alien Culture Aspects

This is an example of yesterday’s post in action.

Below is a description of the Bajan, native to the planet Baj. At the end of the description are 6 Alien Culture. Any player whose character is Bajan, Writes down “Bajan” as their Alien Culture Aspect, and then chooses two of those 6 as their sub-Aspect. Perhaps I want a character who exemplifies the colorful traders on Baj, and I choose “Make any Tade” and “Colorful Trappings and Tinkling Trinkets” as my two sub-Aspects. Choosing the sub-Aspects “Dirigible-Fish Captain” and “Skilled Craftsman” portrays as different character that is still fundamentally Bajan.

Lastly, at the end of the Culture write up is a list of things that Bajans are typically good at, or typically bad at. While this is a good guide for players making characters, these two lines plus the Alien Culture Aspects make creating NPCs on the fly super easy.

Species Name: Bajan
Home Planet: Baj

Physiology: Biologically similar to humans, Bajans have a noticeable spattering of iridescent blue spots across their cheek bones and iridescent hair.

Culture: Bajans are Class B sentient species according to the GSTC, meaning they have the capacity to participate in inter-planetary decision making but only when their world’s direct interest is involved. This is largely due to the difficulty and resistance to adopting a technological society on their homeworld. Few technological advances have been adopted by the Bajans, though there are few laws concerning the matter.

Baja society is largely barter based and craftsmen are highly valued for the skills they offer. Bajans are still divided between dozens of different sovereign countries, each with their own currency which is one reason why barter is so popular.

Bajans are well known for their colorful clothes, turban like head-wraps, and ornate and tinkling jewelry. They have domesticated two large aquatic animals that have become the primary modes of transportation on the planet. The first are huge Cerulean Crabs that are often equipped with seats and carriages for the carrying of passengers and cargo. For safety, pincers are usually banded shut with thick metal. The second are the Dirigible-Fish, huge fish that produce their own naturally buoyant gas and swim through the air above the city streets.

Culture Aspects:

Technological Luddite
Skilled Craftsman
Make any Trade
Colorful Trappings and Tinkling Trinkets
Dirigible-Fish Captain
Cerulean Crab Keeper

Best at: Clever, Flashy, Diplomacy
Worst at: Sneaky, Forceful, Tech


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