Space Ships

Rocket Ships of the Old West by W & J

The Space Ship is a key part of any space opera. These aren’t just vehicles, but characters in their own right.

And as such important Characters they gets Aspects, Stats, and Stunts of their own.

Aspects: High Concept, Trouble, and 3 Ship Aspects – linked to specific systems. You should be an expert at the first two aspects. Ship Aspects detail unique and exciting features of the ship. Otherwise, it can be assumed that what the ship has is pretty unassuming and typical. These can be decided by the group or by the person who “owns” the ship in the fiction, but I’m a huge fan of joint collaboration. Let people who spend Aspects of their own to claim captain, or a head engineer to have the fun of detailing their post, however. That goes for the follow decisions, too.

Stunts: 3 Stunts, same as Normal. Spaceships do not have refresh,  so this is the limit unless a player spends a refresh for another.

Stats: Space Ships have a different set of Stats than other Characters. Instead of Skills and Approaches, they have Systems.

Maneuver (M) – How fast and agile is your spaceship is?
Weapons (W) – How big and deadly are your guns?
Scanners (S) – How well can you detect and monitor your surroundings?
Defense (D) – How tough are your shields and armor?
Life-Support (L) – How comfortable is your ship and how good is it at keep your alive?

Spread these numbers out among those 5 systems: +3, +2, +1, +1, +0

Players can take Stunts that impact the ship’s performance when they are operating it (expert pilot or what not), and can spend their Fate Points to invoke the Ship’s Aspects.

Lastly, Ships get the same Stress and Consequences as Players, and players can spend a Fate point to take some or all of the shifts of stress from a single attack themselves. Imagine the pilot manages to rocket out of the way only to be thrown across the cockpit.

Want an example?

Name Blue Barracuda
High Concept Speeding Blockade-running Smuggler
Trouble Hunted by the Authorities
Aspect Jumbo Rocket Engine (M)
Aspect Stealth Mode (M)
Aspect Very Secret Cargo Holds (L)
Stunt Because the Blue Barracuda is the fastest ship in this part of the galaxy, it gets a plus +2 when it Overcomes Obstacles using Maneuvers by blasting it’s engines.
Stunt Because the Blue Barracuda was built by crafty smugglers, once per game session the crew of the Blue Barracuda can gain one useful item that is stored in it’s secret cargo holds.
Stunt Because the Blue Barracuda has lightning quick response times, once per session the Blue Barracuda can automatically act first in a fight.
Maneuver (M) Good +3
Weapons (W) Average +1
Scanners (S) Fair +2
Defense (D) Mediocre +0
Life-Support (L) Average +1

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