Mrozhoné – Hot-blooded Ice Dwellers

Species Name: Mrozhoné

Other Names: HotBloods, Enclavists

Home Planet: Mrozhon Sphere
Home System: Mroz

Physiology: The Mrozhoné are tall humanoids, devoid of any hair. Their deep, blue skin is scaled, and their skulls extend backwards into a conical shape. Mrozhoné have large hands with fingers that end in broad claws that are used by the Mrozhoné in cracking and moving the hard ice found on their homeworld. Mrozhoné scales act as a near perfect insulator, which is needed considering their extreme internal temperature of nearly 1,000 degrees. If cut, Mrozhoné bleed a red hot liquid, and they rapidly loose body heat unless the wound is patched. Wounded Mrozhoné are therefor susceptible to hypothermia in nearly any environment. This extreme heat also poses a severe threat to the ice buildings that the Mrozhoné live in. This unique biology allows the Mrozhoné to live comfortably regardless of the outside temperature on any world they may be on. Mrozhoné have long life-spans, and low fertility rates.

Culture: The Mrozhon Sphere is an ice planet. Deposits of a rare mineral native to the planet can be mixed with the ice to form an immensely strong material that is used by the Mrozhoné for building construction. This ice has even been used to construct the outer hull of a small number of space-faring vessels. The Mrozhoné live together in walled cities called enclaves that protect them from the giant beasts that live on their planet. Each enclave has a center spire around which the rest of the community is built. These enclaves are ruled by the most elderly of the community, with seniority being the sole consideration in determining leadership. Because children are born so infrequently to the Mrozhoné enclave accoucheuse, who attend to all births, are the most well-respected and honored members of the community.

Culture Aspects:
Claws of a Builder
Adherent of Birth-Order
Glowing-Hot Blood
Master of Ice
Defender of the Enclave against the Beasts
Isolated in the Walled Enclave

Good At: Forceful, Clever, Instinct

Bad At: Sneaky, Tech, Pilot

The Mrozhon Sphere
Planet Aspects:

Frozen Ice Planet
Enclaved Citizenry
Giant, Feral Beasts


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