Planets and Jobs

Two More Kinds of Aspects

Planet Aspects
Part of the fun of a shoot-first-ask-questions-later space game is planet hopping. Besides your colorful descriptions as a GM, Aspects give these places a sense of place. Plus they can be invoked or compelled as always. As you write up your planets, space stations, and other orbital bodies come up with three Planet Aspects for it.

Of course, three is a recommended amount, a couple more or less won’t kill anyone.

And a note on Space Stations or Asteroid Bases or what-not. If they need stats for a system, just give it to them. So your players are sneaking onto the planet – now it has Scanners +1. They open fire on the station, let then blow it up or give it defense +3 and Stress Boxes. This is the Fate Fractal in action!

Job Aspects
These are the same as “Quest Aspects” from the Toolbox. Whenever the PCs accept a significant Job, the group works together to create a good aspect representing that job. Write it down and slap it on the table. Any PC in the party can invoke this aspect, and it can be compelled as if it were on each PC’s character sheet If the PCs resolve a Job Aspect, it’s a milestone. The scope of the milestone depends on the difficulty and length of the job.

Planet by garysan97


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