Gort – Greedy Toad-men

Species Name: Gort
Other Names: Toadling

Physiology: Only three feet tall and nearly as wide, the Gorts are largely considered to be grotesque creatures. Their broad, froglike face is nearly all mouth and sits directly upon the torso without a neck. Their mouths are filled with rows of sharp needle-like teeth, and their long tongue is significantly sticky and nearly a foot long and is used to pull food into their gaping maws. Gorts are able to swallow nearly anything and digest it, and as a defense mechanism they are able to expel the contents of their stomach including a powerful stomach acid.

Gorts have a wobbling gait, moving their bulbous bodies on incredibly short limbs. They are often required to rotate their bodies when grabbing items due to the shortness of their arms. Despite their froglike appearance, Gorts often cannot even lift their bodies of the ground and never are able to jump or climb well.

Culture: The Gorts are a habitually greedy lot. Stingy and shrewd, they are often encountered as traders or shop keeps across the galaxy. They often dress in extravagant and costly clothes, though this often looks ridiculous to other races. Even on their home planet their political power has largely been eroded away by colonial powers. As such, Gorts worry more about individual influence than the greater Gort good.

Culture Aspects:
Disgusting Vomit Defense Mechanism
Gaping Maw and Frog-like Tongue
Ridiculously Extravagant
Looking out for Myself
Grotesque and Bulbous
Shrewd and Calculating

Good At: Diplomacy, Careful, Clever

Bad At: Pilot, Mechanics, Quick


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