Netian – Humans with Surrogate Robots

Species Name: Netian
Home Planet: NetworkPhysiology: Network is a human planet and Netian biology differ in no way from other human colonies. However, it is next to impossible to find a Netian without a transponder circlet. This thin metal crown connects to sockets permanently installed at the temples. The circuitry in the circlet allows the Netian to take mental control of a surrogate robot, though doing so puts the controller’s body into biostatic hibernation.

Culture: Netians have long abandoned any environmental regulations, and any natural landscapes or wildlife have been eradicated and replaced with buildings, hovercraft highways, and metallic ground covers. Upon completion of grade school every Netian is given a surrogate robot. These advanced androids appear as perfectly proportioned smooth metallic humanoids in various colors. These robots have unblinking eyes that glow when activated. While they have mouths designed on their outer shell, these do not open. Sound is produced by vibration boxes within the skull instead.

While the Netians stay reclined in specialized chairs that maintain their health, provide nutrition, and regulates their bodily functions they use their surrogates to go to work, carry out relationships, and live their lives. These surrogates are faster, stronger, and tougher than humans, but in order to prevent violence from escalating on Network regulations prevent these androids from being advanced to the levels of other robot technology. Surrogate robots have no AI of any kind.

If the connection between the transponder circlet is severed or the robot is damaged beyond repair no harm is caused to the Netian. Surrogate robots are bonded to one particular person, however, and cannot function unless that specific Netian is in control of the circlet. The typical range of the circlet covers the entire planet, though there are cases where transponder circlets have been augmented to extend the range even further. Due to the nature of Netian life, they are frequently thin and lacking muscles if incredibly healthy.

Alien Culture:
State of the Art High Performance Android
My Real Body is in a Secure Location
Biostatic Hibernation
Expert in Robotics
Long-Range Transponder Circlet

Luxury Grade Android

Good at: Tech, Forceful, Clever

Bad at: Instinct, Pilot, Sneaky


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