Delusian – Inter-Planetary Crystallized Arbiters

Species Name: Delusian

Home Planet: Delus Core
Home System: Delus

Physiology: Delusians are creatures of organic crystal. While they have internal organs and azure blood, their outer skin is completely crystallized. Tall peaks of crystal spears top their heads, and facets and clusters adorn their whole bodies. Solid unblinking azure eyes and shallow non-distinct facial features are typical. Young Delusian skin is dark blue, and it lightens to pale blue and then clear or white as the individual ages. Venerated Delusian arbiters are rumored to have mystical powers. While this is unproven, this class of Delusian, called Augurs, has demonstratively shown to have the ability to illuminate their eyes.

Culture: The Delusians are largely considered to be the most cultured, wise, and fair species in the universe. As such, they frequently host inter system conventions. Their moniker was applied to the Delusian Pact, the preeminent inter-galactic law.

Delusians, particularly arbiters, are hired to negotiate treaties and perform other diplomatic missions throughout the galaxy. While they are often seen as being purely un-involved in inter-planetary disputes, they have a powerful and high-tech army that has been used against those who would directly threaten the Delus system.

Culture Aspects:
Body of Organic Crystal
Respected Across the Galaxy
Expert in Galactic Law
Premiere Arbiter and Diplomat
Cultured, Wise, and Fair
High Tech Weapons… just in case.

Good at: Diplomacy, Tech, Careful

Bad at: Quick, Sneaky, Mechanics


Delus System

The Delus system contains 7 planets with numerous moons, all of which are nearly identical in make-up, atmosphere, size and gravity. The one exception being Delus Core which is substantially bigger than the other planets. Whether is due to an astronomical coincidence or due to ancient terraforming is unclear. The primary residents of the system are the Delusians, though many other species have consulates and embassies across the various planets.

The planets have an complicated atmosphere that is suitable for most know air-breathing species across the galaxy, have a unique crystallized crust, and pristine bodies of water that erupt from the earth in natural fountains. Near all animals across the 7 planets and their moons are domesticated, and many have some sort of organic crystal skin that is characteristic of the Delusians.

By system law, no stations or satellites are allowed permanent or semi-permanent orbit in Delus.

Delus Core

Delus Core is a massive planet that shares the same traits as the other planets in the Delus system. It is covered with sophisticated, elegant, and sweeping architecture that looks both mineral and organic in design. The Crystal Heart, an awe-inspiring large citadel that houses the prime governing body of the Delusion arbiters and Augurs.

System Aspects:
By Law, no Satellites
Powerful High-tech Fleet
Organic Crystal Biology

Planet Aspects:
I need to get to the [insert planet]’s Embassy!
Ruled by Arbiters and Augurs

*This is the first entry with System Aspects. These relate to the whole system, and not just a single planet.


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