That’s a nice galaxy right there.

While I hope most of the material I present can be ported to any space setting, each layer of color should add together to form a coherent setting. This is that setting!

Antennae Galaxies

The galaxy has been created by the cosmic collision of two previous galaxies. This multi-billion year process has created three distinct geographies: The Spiral, The Arm, and the Dead Zone.

Compared to other areas of the galaxy the Spiral is densely populated with systems, planets, and species. The primary governing body is the Galactic Spiral Trade Commission.

The Arm is less dense than  the Spiral, warring colonial and royal empires fight over areas of this section of the galaxy.

Between the Arm and the Spiral is the Dead Zone. Through the last billions of years these systems have experienced the bulk of the devastating collision. Exploding gases, rapidly shifting orbits, colliding planets, and collapsing stars have created a large swath of systems that are governed only by anarchy and merciless pillaging. Unfortunately, all but the largest and most advanced ships must pass through the dead zone in order to travel between the Spiral and the Arm.


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