Character Creation Example

Our three players today are Alfie, Sarah, and Joseph. After establishing the tone for the game, the three of them swap their ideas around.

Alfie wants to play someone important. Someone who, when he talks, people will listen to him. He’s drawn to the Delusians, maybe as an Arbiter. Sarah thinks that great, but doesn’t think he should be the only one with authority. She asks if she can be the captain of the ship, and with agreement from the other two she’s thinking of her ship. Joseph wants to play something he doesn’t do very often, so fighters and tanks are out of the question – maybe something even a bit quirky and fun. He starts browsing for ideas, and comes across the Capycarymen. It’s love at first sight.

Together they decide that Alfie’s Delusian was arbitrating a meeting between Joseph’s Capycaryman and another group with financial interests in the area. It turned out to be a trap by space pirates who wanted to hold both the Capycaryman and Delusian hostage. The meeting went down on the Space Station Sarah’s Human is from, and she agrees to pilot them out of danger in exchange for some serious cash. She “borrows” a ship and away they went. Since Sarah is playing a human from a planet (or in this case, station) not previously statted up, she gets to create at least two Alien Culture aspects that are generally true for the station’s population.

Name Delus Delcron
High Concept Arbiter of Delus – First Class
Trouble First Time Arbitrating Solo
Aspect Not such an Impartial Judge
Aspect Almost Joined the Delusian Defense Fleet
Alien Culture Delusian
1) High Tech Weapons… just in case.
2) Expert in Galactic Law
Stunt Because I am an Expert in Galactic Law, I get +2 when I Carefully create advantages with Diplomacy by reciting galacic case law.
Stunt Becasue I have a hidden Delus Stream Blaster in, I get +2 when I Quickly attack with Weapons when I pull it unexpectedly.
Stunt Becasue I’m a certified member of the Delusian Arbiters, I get a +2 to Forcefully overcome obstacles with Diplomacy when I use my station to my advantage.
Careful 3 Tech 1
Clever 2 Weapons 2
Flashy 0 Diplomacy 3
Forceful 2 Pilot 0
Quick 1 Mechanics 0
Sneaky 1 Thinking 2
Instinct 1
Name Ula Joneson
High Concept Station-rat Pretending to be a Star Captain
Trouble I’m not who I say I am
Aspect Used to Running from the Authorities
Aspect If you Fly it you better be able to Fix it
Alien Culture Human from Inter-Station 5er
1) No Planet to Call Home
2) Fly Any Ship
Stunt Becasue I’ve taken more than a few ships for a joy-ride, I get +2 to Sneakily overcome obstacles using tech when I’m in someone else’s space ship.
Stunt Becasue I’m always prepared for a brawl, once per session I can choose to go first in a fight.
Stunt Because I have a keen sense of self-preservation, I get +2 when I Quickly defend using Instincts, when I dive out of the way of an attack.
Careful 0 Tech 1
Clever 1 Weapons 2
Flashy 2 Diplomacy 1
Forceful 1 Pilot 3
Quick 2 Mechanics 2
Sneaky 3 Thinking 0
Instinct 0
Name Baron Vinular “Vinny” Hibble
High Concept Nervous Trade Representative of Capycary
Trouble Grade A Coward
Aspect Surprisingly Good Shot
Aspect Traveling with Royal Guards
Alien Culture Capycaryman
1) Member of the Capycary Royal Family
2) Escape Route Ready
Stunt Because of my trusty Model 88b Crag Rifle, I get a +2 to Carefully attack with Weapons when I use my rifle in combat.
Stunt Becasue I’m not afraid to run from a fight, I get +2 to quickly overcome Obstacles using my Instincts when I’m trying to get away.
Stunt Because I have a group of loyal Royal Military, once per game session I can make sure three of them are at my side in a moment.
Careful 2 Tech 0
Clever 1 Weapons 2
Flashy 1 Diplomacy 2
Forceful 0 Pilot 1
Quick 3 Mechanics 0
Sneaky 2 Thinking 1
Instinct 3
Capycary Royal Guards
Knows their Drills, Completely Loyal
Good at: Defending their charge, escaping combat, marching in step, Fireing their Guns
Bad at: Being brave, Thinking for Themselves
Stress: Two Stress Boxes (3 Guards)
Ship Name Feathered Arrow
High Concept “Borrowed” Pirate Vessel
Trouble Belongs to Someone Else
Aspect Bimedial Triple Engine Thrusters (M)
Aspect Pirate Verification Modual (S)
Aspect Distraction Flares (W)
Stunt Because of it’s Verification Modual, the Feathered Arrow gets +2 when it uses it’s Scanners to Create an Advantage when it presents forged verification codes.
Stunt Because of it’s 6 Maneuvereable Thrusters, the Feathered Arrow gets +2 when it uses it’s Maneuvers to defend by performing evausive manuevers.
Stunt Because the Feathered Arrow is loaded with Distraction Flares, it gets +2 when it uses it’s Weapons to defend against targeted missiles.
Maneuver (M) 3
Weapons (W) 1
Scanners (S) 2
Defense (D) 0
Life-Support (L) 1

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