Peranium – Gold-skinned Gawpers

Species Name: Peranium
Other Names: The Gilded, Gawper

Home Planet: Gaw-Peran
Home System: Pera System

Physiology: At first glance the Peranium appear like slightly tan, brown-haired humans. However, when seen in the light a noticeable golden sheen across their skin is visible. This sheen is caused by the excretion of a valuable metal as a waste product through their skin, and after a span of a few hours this build-up resembles gold leafing applied to the skin of the Peranium. This flakes off naturally with the Peranium’s movements, but it may also be harvested, refined, and sold for high profits. Besides its use in jewelry, this metal is also highly prized for its ability to insulate against pulsar energy that is frequently used in pulse guns and some space engines. Sick or malnourished Peraniums produce a brittle and brassy skin-gilding that is worthless.

Culture: The Gilded have a matriarchal society, though recent Peran-rights campaigns have allowed for some men to be established in leadership positions across the planet. Once split into many different countries, the planet has adopted a global trade alliance in order to thrive economically in inter-system trade. Peraniums are experts in pulsar energy technology, having had the metals needed to develop it far before any other race. Within the Pera system skin-gilding sells for little, though there are clinics in every city for the voluntary collection of the metal with small compensation.

Culture Aspects:
Pulsar Energy Technician
Gilded with Gleaming Gold
Member of the Gaw-Peran Global Trade Alliance
Gilded Matriarch
Expert on Pulsar Engine
Pulse Rifler

Good-at: Mechanics, Weapons, Flashy

Bad-at: Thinking, Sneaky, Clever


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