Capycarymen – Rodent Militia

Species Name: Capycarymen
Other Names: Caps, Cappies

Home Planet: Capycary

Physiology: The Capycarymen have rodent-like faces, with black round eyes, pointed ears on the top of their heads, and long square snouts like an Earth Guinea Pig, Rabbit, or Capybara. A thick layer of short brown hair covers their form. They are short by human standards, always less than 5 feet, and tend to be somewhat portly. However, they tend to be nimbler on their feet than their physics imply, and they are especially talents at hiding and slipping through small holes or tunnels.

Culture: The Capycarymen society is very regimented, and all young citizens of Capycary must enlist in the Royal Military. The majority of military duty is made up running drills and performing royal ceremonies. After their service Capycarymen frequently are hired on as cheap bodyguards or soldiers for hire, however they are often prone to fear and incompetence in their duties.

The Capycary Royal family consists of many dozens of family lines, each with their own legitimate claim to the throne. This insures that there is always a royal decree stalling some important decision and another event to hold. The Capycarymen make up for their seeming incompetence by being friendly, loyal, and hospitable.

Culture Aspects:
Surprisingly Nimble
Enlisted in the Capycary Royal Military
Cheap Bodyguard… and you pay for what you get
Loyal and Hospitable
Member of the Capycary Royal Family
Escape Route Ready

Good at: Quick, Sneaky, Weapons
Bad at: Thinking, Mechanics, Clever


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