Exulan – Displaced Poet

Name: Exulans

Home Planet: Unknown, lost
Home System: Unknown, Dead Zone

Physiology: The Exulans are androgynous in appearance, with both genders appearing very feminine by human standards. They are shorter than the average human, very svelte and delicate, and exceedingly attractive. Their ears come to pronounced point. Eye color always matches hair, and though the range of color is varied it tends to be very vibrant. Lines of luminescent dots create intricate and sweeping patterns across their skin that they can dim or brighten at will. These are caused by special electrogenerative cells under the surface. They act as both an extra-sensory device allowing an Exulan to sense delicate changes in electric currents in the air nearby, such as those caused by many lifeforms, and as a type of natural stunning attack.

Culture: Exulans are spread across both the spiral and the arm of the Galaxy. No major colony of Exulans is known to exist. Instead, individual Exulans tend to integrate themselves for a time with a community before moving on to a new planet. The home world of the Exulans is known to have been destroyed in the collapsing desolation of he Dead Zone a very long time ago. Exulans now consider themselves to be lost wanders without a home.

Exulans tend to come off as distant, and are prone to philosophical or poetic ramblings on the nature of wandering, the lost condition of the homeless soul, and the cosmic path one must tread alone. They tend to have romantic notions of the nature of the universe, and often get involved with the struggles of other races.

Much superstition has developed about Exulans. This varies from planet to planet, but these homeless aliens are seen as either omens of good or ill fortune by hundreds of civilizations. The most common myth predicts that the Exulans will cause the fall of the Delusian race, though thinking species tend to see this as an impossibility – both due to lack of resources and lack of motive.

Culture Aspects:
Electrogenerative Cells
Wandering, without a Home
A Poet’s Soul… a Mad Poet
An Omen… but of what kind?
Every Exulan’s My Spirit-Brother
Exceedingly Attractive

Good at: Flashy, Thinking, Instinct

Bad at: Mechanics, Careful, Forceful


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