Seeds of Goya – Living Trees

Species Name: Seed of Gora

Home Planet: Gora

Physiology: The Seeds of Gora are the second stage of development for the tree-like species that make up the Forest of Gora. The species name is a misnomer, since their stage of development is more similar to a sapling than a seed. A mature tree in the Singing Forest may create large, five foot long pods in its branches. These pods eventually mature and plummet to the soft soil below. Partially buried, there they finish their development, and finally crack open to reveal a Seed of Gora.

The Seeds of Gora appear as a light tan (with an undertone of green) skinned androgynous humanoid with no identifiable genitalia, for reproduction only happens after the Seeds mature into full grown trees. Their skin is smooth but hard, like the shell of the pod from which they came or the trunks of the trees they will become. Instead of hair, thin tendrils are braided into intricate designs that often stand straight back from the top of the head. These tendrils are the leaves and the roots of the Seeds of Gora and are in many shades of deep and vibrant green. While capable of photosynthesis, the Seeds of Gora need to eat external sources of food to really thrive.

The Seeds of Gora may understand, and communicate, in the delicate pheromoneology of many sentient plants, and may be able to pick up or communicate simple messages to non-sentient plants: danger, safe, open. They also understand the Great Song of the Singing Forest, though they lack the size to be able to produce the resonating tones of their mother language.

Culture: the Seeds of Gora are largely abandoned by their mother trees. The forest busies itself with their singing, which the Seeds can hear but not join. The size of the forest and the slow rate in which need Seeds hatch means that a Seed of Goya may go many years without seeing a living creature it can communicate with. Seeds often develop he habit of talking to plants or animals, or treating an inanimate object as if it was alive and a treasured friend. Besides this, the Seeds of Gora spend their days guarding the trees from danger and listening and learning the song of the Singing Forest. While the Singing Forest of Gora have no tech of themselves, the Seeds often try to gain passage on visiting ships. Their purpose is two fold: first, the often long for companionship, and second, the experiences they have will add to the Great Song and the collective memories of their race.

When Seeds age their skin tends to darken to a shade of dark blackish brown. When fully mature they undergo a tray formation into a tree. Their legs grow together and become a trunk, their arms are raised high above their head to extend the trunk further. Fingers lengthen and thicken to become the canopy. Their feet erupt for roots that secure the Seed in place. The face hardens, eyes close, and only a faint impression of the Seeds countenance remains. This face is visible on most trees, though it is high above the ground. During this whole transformation the Seed is growing progressively taller, several stories at least. The young tree continues growing for centuries. This process takes a lot of energy, and Seeds of Gora are often observed feasting on whatever they can in the days before their transformation.

This transformation can also be triggered when a Seed of Gora is sick, injured, or otherwise dying. This process often leaves the tree stunted, but saves it’s life. The tree may always been separated from it’s kin, however, and never be able to join the Great Song and join the Singing Forest of Gora.

Culture Aspects:
Universal Plant Pheromoneology
Bark-like Skin
Longing for the Great Song of the Singing Forest
Collector of Memories and Stories
New to the Galaxy
A Friend to Every Thing

Good at: Careful, Thinking, Instinct

Bad at: Forceful, Quick, Diplomacy

Gora and Spya

The planet Gora is in an orbit circling its sister planet, Spya. While Gora is vastly populated with animals in addition to its dominate sentient species, Spya is completely lifeless save for simple bacteria and lichen. This is due to the randomness inherent in the cosmic events that generate life and not due to the nature of the planet itself, since Spya is almost identical in terms of Atmosphere, crust, orbit, and gravity to what Gora would be if it was also devoid of advanced life. This binary orbit causes intense tides on both planets.

The Singing Forest of Gora covers the entirety of the small planet. Rivers, lakes, even small mountain ranges and seas lay within its borders. It covers areas of differing climate, largely temperate, but ranging from warm to cold. Still, the trees remain constant throughout. The forest is remarkable, with individual trees shooting hundreds of feet into the air. Typically, these trees reach many stories into the sky before branches even extend outward from the hard, straight trunks. The real distinguishing feature of this planet, however, is that these trees are sentient. As mature adults they appear as towering trees that do not move or react any differently than typical trees, though the air of the whole planet is filled with the groans and croons of the trees as they speak to each other. This song may be most reminiscent of the melodies of earth whales and is nearly untranslatable into most languages. This constant song allows each member of the species to share the experiences, memories, and feelings of each other tree in the Singing Forest. The juvenile of the species, the Seeds of Gora, appear much more humanoid in both appearance and behavior.

The lumber harvested from the Singing Forest is remarkably durable, and has even been used in the creation of starships. The Delusian Pact prohibits the killing, maiming, or harvesting of Sentient beings, and therefore the GSTC has declared Gora a protected planet, and by association Spya as well. Ruthless businesses and corrupt officials ensure that is is no easy task enforcing that declaration.

Planet Aspects:
Covered by the Singing Forest
Every Tree is Sentient
Air Filled With Groans and Croons


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