Cantari – Royal Singers

Species Name: Cantari

Home Planet: Cantus Prime
Home System: Cantus System

Physiology: Cantari are rather unintimidating: a small thin humanoid with pale pinkish skin, blue watery eyes, luxurious orange-pink hair, small features, and gentle melodic voices. By many races standards they are considered pretty if not beautiful, delicate if not sophisticated. By all their singing voices are considered beyond compare, and unique vocal chords allow them to produce numerous tones at the same time.

Culture: Cantari cities are nearly completely built out of the pure white rock of their home world. Ambient lighting gives the impression that the whole city is glowing with an other-worldly light. They wear simple clothing, almost exclusively white and often covering little more than the minimum to be considered descent.

The Cantari are ruled by their Queen, whose family has reigned peacefully for over a hundred generations. Cantari favor philosophy and the sciences, and though their world has been at peace politically and militarily for millennia, debate is alive and well and often leads to stalemates and bitter rivalries. Visitors who visit the royal court often have to sit through heated arguments between competing philosophers before a decision can be made.

Cantari are able to produce numerous tones at once while singing, creating rich harmonies even when singing solo. Many Cantari ships, vehicles, and homes use complex voice recognition security. Weapons, personal shields, and tools often require sound to operate, making them difficult for non-Cantari to use.

Cantari society greatly values art and beauty, and consider the aesthetics of even the most common object. Teams of Cantari artisans are often hired by other systems or sent to aid diplomatic allies.

Anger is a difficult emotion for Cantari, and violence is a largely alien concept to them. Instead passionate arguments often end in tears and poetic prose frequently ends arguments.

Culture Aspects:
Singing Beyond Compare
Simple and Delicate Appearances
Cantari Artisan in High Demand
Loyal to the Queen
A Philosopher’s Tongue and  A Scientist’s Mind
A Culture of Peace

Good at: Flashy, Clever, Diplomacy

Bad at: Weapons, Mechanics, Forceful


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