The Galactic Spiral Trade Commission (GSTC)

Name: The Galactic Spiral Trade Commission
Alternative Name: GSTC or ‘The Commission’

The GSTC is one of the most influential and powerful inter-system organizations in the galaxy. The members of GSTC are all wealthy planets, usually with military power, in the spiral of the collided galaxy (as opposed to the arm).

The GSTC regulates “excessively harmful and dangerous” technology such as teleporters, acts as a galactic police force in participating systems, upholds the Delusian Pact and other ratified inter-system laws, and protects the economic interests of it’s members.

The governing body of the pact rigorously denies charges that it is an imperial entity or that it is acting as a sort of galactic senate, though those descriptions are very appropriate.

The the GSTC’s seat of power is on the metropolitan planet of Rebus. From here the Commission directs it’s standing army and establishes trading agreements and policies.

Culture Aspects:
Equipped by the GSTC
On Official GSTC Business
Friends in High Places
The GSTC’s Reputation Precedes Me

Good at: Forceful, Diplomacy, Pilot

Bad at: Instinct, Quick, Sneaky

System Prime

System Prime is the most metropolitan system in the galaxy. In addition to being the system of the Galactic Spiral Trade Commission’s center of power – the planet Rebus – thousands of independent space stations orbit around the system’s yellow sun. Since the GSTC has been the primary organization behind the mapping of the galaxy, all galactic coordinates are based off of System Prime as the center.


Rebus, like all of System Prime, has a populace made up of thousand of races. Businesses of every kind flourish on the busy planet, though high taxes and strict enforcement of planetary laws are just as much a staple of Rebusian life.

As an example of stellar serendipity, a day on Rebus takes nearly 24 hours, lunar months take exactly 30 days, and there are 12 months (or 360 days) in a Rebusian orbit. Prime Time has become the galactic standard, especially while in space. As such seconds, minutes, hours, month, and hours match Earth time very closely. Many planets have a second system of time that corresponds with their own orbits and rotations, but Prime Time is also observed.

Planet Aspects:
Seat of the GSTC
People of Every Kind
Symbolic Center of the Galaxy


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