Melusian – Opulent Bureaucrats

Species Name: Melusian
Other Names: Melusian

Home Planet: Melu

Physiology: The Melusians are close relatives to humans, though a Melusian would never admit to it. As such they look identical to humans. However, in addition to some slight differences in internal anatomy, the Melusians have a specially adapted brain structure that helps then to focus attention and to be able to notice small changes around them. This makes them very productive and able to work at tasks for many hours on end. Melusians also notice things that their close kin would never pick up on, including small non-verbal cues. The blood-brain barrier is much easier to cross in Melusians, however, making them very susceptible to poisons or drugs that impact the brain, including alcohol.

Culture: Opulence is the hallmark of the Melus monarchy. Fine clothes, expansive dwellings, and exotic treasures are considered the best measure of a person’s character and worth. The royal family lives in a palace widely regarded as the finest in the Galactic Arm, with thousands of rooms, acres and acres of gardens, hundreds of fountains, turrets and towers, and a dizzying amount of outbuildings.

The Melusian kingdom is the smallest of the three ruling empires of the Galactic Arm, but it still contains hundred of systems. It’s position far from the dead zone has allowed it to largely maintain it’s borders and prevent wars, and it’s exclusive technological advantage in its tesseract gate has allowed it to maintain lucrative trade agreements across the galaxy. This device is made up of a complex system of satellites that folds empty space creating a portal that allows passage to and from another point in the galaxy. This takes an incredible amount of energy and may only create a single portal at a time, but great bureaucratic administration allows it to be a productive tool for trade and travel.

While Melusians may be indistinguishable from humans, they often go to great effort to inform others of their impressive ancestry. Melusians, particularly nobility or those who are otherwise important, wear elaborate, flowing garments as a clear sign of who they are. Trains, sleeves, and scarves yards and yards long in bold and bright colors are held aloft by tiny hovering robots. Never, according to Melusian standards, should one’s garments trail in the dust.

Culture Aspects:
Absolutely Amazing Attention
Fluent in Non-Verbal Communication
Easy-to-Cross Blood-Brain Barrier
Yards and Yards of Sleeves and Scarves
Trade through the Tesseract
My Wealth is my Worth

Good at: Flashy, Tech, Diplomacy

Bad at: Careful, Sneaky. Weapons


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