Zegalli – Running Savannah Dwellers

Species Name: Zegalli

Physiology: Having a long, ovoid head attached to an extended neck, coupled with a general stretched and starved look to the rest of the body makes the Zegalli look rather frail. Despite some actual fragility, they have excellent stamina and speed, and frequently travel many miles between cities on foot.

Zegalli skin is beige with dark brown and orange splotches forming in concentrated areas across the body. They have little hair atop their head but instead have a brown, short mane running down their long neck and spine, ending at the small of their back.

Large eyes on the side of the face with elongated pupils grants vision in a 360 degree radius around a Zegalli. Long limbs and powerful lungs allow them to run both fast and long. Strictly vegetarian, they have little in way of natural defenses save for their powerful legs that end in hard split hooves.

Culture: The Zegalli race populates a world where large predator mega-fauna preys on anything it can catch. In response they evolved their running capabilities and engineered cities to keep them protected.

These cities dot the flat expanse of grassland that covers the majority of this world. They are easily seen from a distance: curving glass spires and sweeping silver walls glinting under their sun.

Cities are largely independently run. While there are some planet-wide laws and taboos, each city has its own statutes, courts, governments and punishments. That being said, nearly all cities have a form of democracy, and voting is seen as a right that even criminals and foreigners maintain.

The Zegalli tends to be wary of new situations and strangers, quick to startle, and generally choose to run rather than fight. They are not as cowardly as one might imagine, however, and every city has a standing volunteer military.

Culture Aspects:
Swift Runner
Marathon Stamina
Quick to Startle
Powerful, Hooved Legs
360 Degrees of Vision
Democracy’s Champion¬†

Good at: Quick, Careful, Instinct

Bad at: Sneaky, Forceful, Pilot


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