Holver – Junkyard Mercs

Species Name: Hovlers

Home Planet: Hovel

Physiology: Hovlers stand a head taller than humans, but otherwise share many of the same physical features. They have pale grey skin, but are frequently covered in dirt and grease. Hovlers can eat almost anything that can be construed as food, never drink liquids, and have a second pair of lungs capable of filtering out most pollutants and giving them the ability to hold their breath for upwards of 20 minutes.

Culture: They have no centralized or local government, though gangs are common. They tend to keep bargains and contracts in order to secure future work, but if they can get away with a con or a mutiny they will. The typical Hovlers will carry some sort of volatile weapon with them, be it a grenade, short range flame thrower, or missile launcher. Tanks, war-trucks, and hover turrets are the most common form of transportation. Star ships tend to be simple freighters or shuttles equipped with combustible fuel engines (as compared to the efficient energy cell batteries) and massive explosive weaponry.

Culture Aspects:
Eat (almost) Anything
Second Pair of Lungs
Rollin’ With my Gang
A Step Away from Mutiny
My Other Car’s a Tank
All My Weapons Go “Boom”

Good at: Forceful, Mechanics, Weapons

Bad at: Careful, Clever, Thinking


The species of this planet has taken the derogatory name the GSTC surveying representatives used to describe this planet in relationship to other more established and resource rich planets as a mark of honor. Hovel is a diminutive planet with no major bodies of water and little vegetation or surviving wildlife. Years of expanding population, social unrest, and reliance on combustible fuels have left the planet crowded, crime ridden, and polluted. Across all parts of the planet makeshift shelters are welded together from salvaged bits of construction material, ship hulls, and “borrowed” tech. The inhabitants of the planet have only survived due to their hearty physiology and the massive war machines they use to defend the planet from invading forces. Presently, the inhabitants of Hovel, known as Hovlers, mainly make money off of three professions: laborer, mercenary, and arms dealer.

Planet Aspects:
Crowded, Crime Ridden, and Polluted
Makeshift Shelters from Salvaged Materials


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