Carpasin – Chlorophyllic Green-skinned Humanoids

Species Name: Carpasin
Other Names: Green Skins

Home Planet: Carpa Conta
Home System: Carpa Prima

Physiology: Carpasins are lean, hairless humanoids. Evolved from plants, they share many of the physical qualities of their less developed kin. Carpasin skin is a bright green, and slightly translucent as to reveal the dark green veins underneath its surface and to appear to glow when in bright light. Carpasins are chlorophyllic, and produce the majority of their substance when within powerful light, but they do consume food including meat and must do so weekly in order to be healthy.

Carpasins reproduce through the release of spores from brightly colored blossoms that grow across their shoulders and sometimes across their scalp and down their necks. This occurs at appointed times in their homeworld’s seasonal cycle, but in space may seem quite random. These spores may have psychotropic effects on other species. When fertilization occurs, a particular blossom will close and swell into a pod that falls off of the parent. This pod incubates the young Carpasin, and when the youth is developed to the point that it can care for itself it emerges from the pod appearing as a young human adolescent.

Culture: Carpasins are typically independent, thoughtful, and tranquil creatures. Their civilization is founded on quiet debate and mutually beneficial resolutions. Due to the nature of their reproduction it is often impossible to identify the parents of a Carpasin, and as such mature Carpasins consider all younger Carpasins their children.

Despite these inclinations, Carpasins can be fierce and wrathful when they perceive that common decency and the sanctity of intelligent life is ignored. Occasionally the Carpasins have gone to war with other planets, usually as part of alliances with other systems. Their starships and weapons are bionic, being grown on verdant Carpa Conta.

Culture Aspects:
Mostly Chlorophyllic
Psychotropic Spores
Tranquil Meditation and Thoughtful Debate
All Carpasins are My Child
Grown Bionic Weapons
Fierce Defender of Intelligent Life

Good at: Diplomacy, Instinct, Careful

Bad at: Quick, Forceful, Mechanics


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