The Star Caravan – Traveling Space Gypsies

Species Name: The Star Caravan
Other Names: Caravaners

Home Planet: Unknown
Home System: Unknown

Physiology: The Star Caravan may best be described as an organization, or extended family, that picks up fellow homeless travelers. Still, the majority of the members of the Star Caravan are from a single species. Speculation is that these Caravaners are from an offshoot from humans, for the similarities are astounding. Little separates the two species from each other, though the Space Caravaners exhibit a smaller range in appearance; being slightly shorter on average, having curly blonde hair, and tan complexions.

Culture: The Star Caravan is made up of a collection of space faring vessels and the people who inhabit them. These ships are an eclectic bunch, having been pieced together again and again in repair shops and salvage yards across known space. The standard unit, however, is a large, square-ish cargo vessel with the ability to open its top for loading (or simply viewing the stars). Homeless and planet-less, the ships travel from one place to the next, targeting places where they will not be immediately chased off the planet. The presence of food or water is an added bonus. They’ve been known to camp on asteroids, the hulls of automated space satellites, and moons without atmosphere across the galaxy. They are able to do this, and live on the surface of the planet, due to one piece of tech – the atmospheric bubble. The atmospheric bubble generator uses a combination of force-field, artificial gravity, and life support technology to provide a breathable atmosphere that extends a certain amount of distance away from the generator. Even in the vacuum of space, this atmosphere remains across the surface of planets or ships. Every ship in the Star Caravan is equipped with this remarkable device.

Caravaners tend to be seen as criminals, and while they occasionally cross local officials, they are a generally honest and well-meaning group of traders, inventors, and performers. They are loyal to the members of the Caravan, and open to accepting others into their ranks. They tend to let individual members resolve their differences and govern their own lives, but major decisions are made by a small group of elders – those members who have traveled with the Caravan the longest. This governing body is primarily concerned with deciding when to leave their current settlement and which direction to head in next.

Culture Aspects:
Homeless and Planetless
Traveling Cross the Galaxy
The Whole Caravan is my Family
Seen as a Criminal and Troublemaker
Atmospheric Bubble Generator
Eclectic and Well-worn Ships

Good at: Mechanics, Pilot, Flashy

Bad at: Careful, Forceful, Weapons


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