Multimodal Personified Holographic Interface

Species Name: Multimodal Personified Holographic Interface
Other Names: Holly (Hollies), Mephi, M.P.H.I

Home Planet: HoloTech Station
Home System: System Prime

Physiology: A Multimodal Personified Holographic Interface usually appears as an average looking human, though the may appear as any number of humanoid (or otherwise) species. They appear opaque, but interference from outside electrical fields can cause visual static, flickering, or fading of the image.

This image is a pre-programmed Holographic image embedded within the MPHI prime. When “off,” the Interface appears as a small flat square roughly half an inch thick and 3 inches square. This usually appears to be a mat grey color, with a blue hover-disk on the back and a black sensor disk on the front. This complex machine contains the Interface’s AI and hologram generator, and is able to hover at speed comparable to a human’s running speed. Using reverse pulse technology, the are unable to hover more than a few feet above the ground, though they can usually prevent themselves from damage when falling from heights.

MPHIs always maintain consistency between their movements and their hologram, and always remain in the chest of their personal images. If the Interface sinks down towards the ground their image sinks to their knees for instance. They may turn their image on or off at will, and when off they may travel through any size opening that their main cartridge fits through, but their program makes sure that their image is shut off before attempting such maneuvers. This programming for consistency is so strong that they frequently react to attacks against their forms as if they were really affecting them, even when they cannot.

Most MPHIs cannot interact with their physical environment except in the most trivial ways. However, some are equipped with advanced solid-hologram tech, tractor beams, or lasers. Many know hundreds of languages, and smaller percentage may even have several images to choose from.

Culture: Originally developed to be tour guides, receptionists, and information personnel, Multimodal Personified Holographic Interfaces were designed, manufactured and sold by HoloTech. This leading company in holographic technology made smart business allies in order to incorporate then developing AI and hover technology into their landmark product.

Like most AI, MPHIs tend to be loyal followers of what ever purpose they have been commissioned to perform. Some may seek to expand their personal horizons, and negotiate roles on traveling ships, though these tend to be similar to what they were designed to do. Some truly independent interfaces going into business for themselves, but they tend to be thwarted by anti-AI laws, and like all AI a scant few find their way into the Network.

Culture Aspects:
Just a Hologram
Intelligent AI
Advanced Solid-Hologram Tech
Hovering Main Cartridge
Vulnerable to Electrical Interference
Programmed with a Pupose

Good at: Thinking, Diplomacy, Clever

Bad at: Forceful, Weapons, Instinct


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