Tamoot – Small Tribal Primates

Species Name: Tamoot

Home Planet: Talmalrin-D

Physiology: Tamoots greatly resemble small earth primates: tamarins, marmosets, and squirrel monkeys. Exceptionally large Tamoots may top out at 2 feet tall, but most do not grow past 18 inches. Their large, round eyes dominate their small faces. Their fur is bushy, particularly down the back of the neck, the tips of the ears, and the end of their long tails. They come in a range of neutral colors, but often dye their fur. Tamoots are quickly able to climb trees and cliff faces and can jump many times their height between branches and ledges.

They small brains make them less likely to birth intellectual genius; however they revere wisdom among their leaders. Any impressively developed spinal cord gives each Tamoot nearly unparalleled reflexives.

Culture: The Tamoot are seen as “the little savages” by the species they most frequently come in contact with, and the GSTC have classified them as a Class C sentient species, meaning they believe they lack the cognitive capacity to make decisions with interplanetary ramifications. They organize themselves into loose tribes with a handful of strong warriors and wise sages leading them. These tribes sometimes go to war against each other, but generally live in peace. The local fauna on their home world is a much larger concern for Tamoots, who are seen as a tasty if elusive meal.

Tamoots largely live in the open, building temporary nests and burrows as the tribe travels. They eschew most clothing except for decorative jewelry or head dresses made from shell, nuts, and feathers. Tamoots frequently train larger, simpler creatures for mounts and pets, and any particular tribe are likely to have a small collection of animals to serve the needs of the tribe.

Culture Aspects:
(Nearly) Unparalleled Reflexives
Revere the Wisdom of their Leaders
Seen as Little Savages
Trainer of Larger, Simpler Creatures
Live in Trees and on Cliffs
Small, and Used to It


Talmalrin-D is the fourth of seven moons orbiting the gaseous planet Talmalrin, and the only one containing life. The dominant species on Talmalrin-D are the Tamoots, small sentient primates. This moon has a dense atmosphere that keeps the planet a warm, wet jungle. The amount of different species is staggering, so much so that scientists the galaxy over try desperately to secure the few research permits the GSTC issue for the moon each year.

Planet Aspects:
Warm, Wet Jungle
Staggering Biodiversity
Protected by GSTC Sanctions

Good at: Instinct, Quick, Flashy

Bad at: Clever, Tech, Mechanics


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