Short Play Example

fireball pretty by Daniel Garcia

Ula felt like an idiot. She did the one thing she kept promising herself she would stop: trying to help others. Sure, the “abandoned” star-freighter might also have been holding cargo she could claim, but it was compassion for any survivors on the ship that ultimately caused her to tether the Feathered Arrow and board the floating vessel.

Now, running through a corridor with flickering lights she wished she had listened to that rodent, Vinny, and kept flying. Ula hated that as much as the predicament she was in now. Even though the Hovlers on board with her were smart enough to set-up this trap, she was counting on being able to outwit them now.

Situational Aspects: “Derelict Ship,” “Flickering Lights,” and “Narrow Corridors”

Suddenly Ula hears footsteps coming down a side corridor. She scans the area around her and decides she better make her stand now. She slips into a doorway leading to some unknown part of the derelict ship.

Ula is creating a new advantage. She is going to use Sneaky (+3) and Thinking (+0) to hide in the doorway. She rolls (. . . +) for a total of +4. The Hovlers roll to spot her (.++.) for a +2. Ula succeeds by 2, creates the aspect “Hidden in Shadows” and gets a free invoke on it.

3 Hovlers
Rollin’ with my Gang, All my weapons go “Boom”
Good at Weapons and Forceful: +2
Bad at Clever, Diplomacy: -2
Three Stress

Hiding in the doorway Ula waits for the three tall, gray men to pass her by. She scopes out their equipment; grease-stained clothes, jury-rigged canister guns & blasters, and metal studded boots and gloves. As the last one passes her she aims her electro-blaster and fires into the back of the last Holver.

Ula attacks using Sneaky (+3) and Weapons (+2) and rolls (+, -, +, +) for (+2) and uses her free invoke for an additional (+2). The Holvers defend at (+0) and roll (- . . -) for a (-2). The difference is 11! She would gain a boost, but this is more than enough to take out this gang of mooks, and the scene ends.

The brief hum of the electro-blaster was all the warning the three thugs received before the air was filled with static and the smell of Ozone. The hallway was illuminated by the arching electric blast as it passed through each Hovler in succession. In their ends their bodies lay convulsing on the ground, with electric sparks still shooting across their frames. “That was easy.” Ula muttered to herself seconds before one of the hodge-podge grenade launchers the thugs was carrying exploded. Ula was thrown backwards against the shut door, and the freighter shook violently. The lights went out completely and Ula could feel the vessel list to one side…

Ula’s player gets to decide how the Hovler’s were Taken Out. She could have had the electro-blaster do the work, but chose to have their weapons explode from the electric blast. The GM asked, while holding out a Fate point “It sounds awfully dangerous to be that close to the blast. Do you think the “Derelict Ship” can take it.” Ula reaches her hand out and takes the compel. “No, I don’t suppose it could.” Sounds like it’s time for a challenge!


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