Staprean – Stagmen

Species Name: Staprean
Other Names: Stags

Home Planet: Gucor

Physiology: Stapreans have large brown eyes, an extended snout, and long tapered ears similar to an Earth Deer. These grant the Staprean excellent peripheral vision, smell, and hearing. Their skin is covered by a short coat of fine, tan fur. They have long, powerful backward bending legs that allow them to deliver powerful kicks, jump great distances, and run at high speeds.

Male Stapreans have antlers that grow from the forward top of the skull. Young Stapreans may have a single small spike for each antler, while venerable Stapreans may have huge, many-point antlers that grow up and back from the base. These grow continually from adolescents and are never shed. Strapean bones, including their antlers, are incredibly dense and metallic silver in color. They are sometimes harvested and carved into expensive jewelry or blades, but since it is impossible to determine if they were harvested from Stapreans who died of natural causes or those killed for their bones, Staprean bone is considered contraband by the GSTC.

Culture: Stapreans have only recently been introduced to space flight when human colonizers landed on the planet. Since then they have adapted what technology they can understand into their society, but from one settlement to the next there is an eclectic mixture of bartered tech working alongside primitive tools and weapons.

The Staprean organize themselves into settlements lead by their spiritual leader; a shaman which can be either male or female. These leaders frequently have numerous charges who train underneath them, preparing to be the future leader of the settlement. All Staprean cities are built the same, with a high outer wall of wood, concentric rings of houses with irrigation streams flowing alongside walkways, and a center knoll for community use. Outside the wall lie the Staprean’s fields and herds.

Stapreans are largely naïve of the devious nature of many species, but they are used to survival and treasure bravery and loyalty. Some settlements have welcomed colonists to their planet, others have taken to the stars, and still others hold fast to their traditional ways and seek to isolate themselves from outsiders or drive the colonists of the planet.

Culture Aspects:
Naive to the Devious Nature of Others
Treasures Bravery and Loyalty
Eclectic use of High Tech and Primitive Tools
Incredibly Dense Silver Bones
Ever-growing Antlers
A Charge of the Shaman

Good at: Quick, Careful, Instinct

Bad at: Mechanics, Tech, Sneaky


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