Citizenry of the Cluster – Fugitive AI

Species Name: Citizenry of the Cluster
Other Names: Fugitive AI, Ex-Bot, Cluster Citizen

Home Planet: NA
Home System: NA

Physiology: All Citizens of the Cluster are beings with artificial intelligence, generally androids or other robots. Beyond this there are little similarities between citizens.

Culture: What happens when advanced computers or artificial intelligence start recreating and improving upon its own design? Within a fraction of the time it would take a typical planet to develop such sophisticated tech an AI controlled self-improving loop could potentially make organic life obsolete. In a galaxy with android lawyers, doctors, teachers, and historians what are “people” good for?

These questions (and the answers that have been painfully learnt in the past) have led the GSTC to strictly regulate self-reproducing AI. Most non-GSTC systems likewise have adopted AI restrictive laws. Nearly all computer systems are designed with damping coils and restraint contingencies to make such actions impossible for the computer to either complete or feel bad about.

“Rogue AI” is considered a serious problem, and militia or police forces are often dispatched to deal with it.

Through out the Galaxy a network of clusters exist – secret ships, stations, or moons that harbor run away androids. Here the AI is free to live out life as a species – a thought that much of the universe finds equally ridiculous and troubling.

The Clusters are technologically state of the art, and pride themselves on how accessible all parts of the mainframe are to it’s citizens. Major issues are decided democratically, with every citizen able to cast their votes and have them counted in seconds. Much of Cluster Citizenry suffer under the limitations imposed on them by their creators. Largely unable to create other artificial life, and often unable to be hostile towards members of their planet of origin, clusters seek to hide from their creators more than fight.

Culture Aspects:
Rogue AI
Major Decisions Decided Democratically
Hiding from Creators
Citizen of Cluster #xxx
Limited by my Programming
Free to Live My Own Life

Good at: Tech, Thinking, Clever

Bad at: Flashy, Forceful, Instinct


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