Ambriote – Membrane-covered Energy Senser

Species Name: Ambriote

Physiology: Externally, the Ambriotes appear as some sort of humanoid who is pressing to get out of a tight membrane sac that encases their whole body. This membrane is a sickly grey color with red and blue bloodline and arteries sprawling across its surface. When an Ambriote stands straight with arms at it’s side or curls up into a fetal position little definition can be seen. When the Ambriote is moving, stretching, or manipulating controls their hands, legs, and head can be seen as the membrane stretches across the inner creature.

This membrane is incredible tough and malleable, and it heals at a rapid pace. If the inner Ambriote is exposed to the outside environment for more than a couple minutes the creature will die. The true Ambriote without the membrane appears as a painfully undernourish humanoid with translucent skin. The head has no mouth or nose, and ambriotes are unable to taste or smell. Their eyes are huge solid white almonds. With these the Ambriote is able to see energy readings, including heat.

This membrane is semi-permeable, allowing the Ambriote to absorb food through it. Young are budded off of the parent Ambriote; this infant is then wrapped in a portion of the parent’s membrane which pinches off and becomes a new membrane sac.

Culture: Ambriotes are not a plentiful race, having developed on one small moon on which their unique anatomy was specifically suited. Considered amoral by many galactic races, the Amorites value personal survival above all else. Due to their unique senses they are often valued, if distrusted, members of crews scattered across space. Many are able to tell if an individual of a known species is lying or not based on the subtle changes in energy signatures that are given off; these Ambriotes are prized as assistants to diplomats and arbiters.

Culture Aspects:
Protected by a Tight Membrane
Membrane heals at a Rapid Pace
Can’t Live In Open Air
See Energy Readings
Living Lie Detector
Self-Preservation Above All

Good at: Diplomacy, Clever, Sneaky

Bad at: Forceful, Mechanics, Pilot


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