Sikeres – Bioelectric Shield Generators

Species Name: Sikeres

Physiology: Sikeres have jet black shimmering hair with silver around their temples. Their skin is a slightly metallic-looking grey with blue undertones. In most ways they are biologically identical to humans. However, they have two special organs that run parallel to the lungs along the spine. These connect to the hands though specialized neural chords. By discharging a pulse from the organs through the neural chords the Sikeres can create a bioelectric force field by extending both arms outward. This creates a perfect sphere around the Sikeres, scorching ground beneath it. The force field is powerful enough to stop virtually all energy attacks, dispersing them in the area around the sphere, and most physical attacks ricochet away. The bioelectric current does not conduct the way most electrical current does, regulated by the complex organ in the Sikeres. However, anything coming into contact with the sphere suffers severe energy burn. The area directly next to the Sikeres is unaffected by the bioelectric shield, and for this reason it is possible to protect another within the force field if they are pressed directly against the Sikeres. The formation and maintenance of the force field is incredibly tasking, and a Sikeres can do little else while their shield is in place.

Culture: The Sikeres have prospered under the galactic legislation of the GSTC. Having been perfectly positioned in terms of economics, technology, and planetary position, their planet is one of the most influential in the Commission. Generally they promote the ideals of hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance; however, personal gain over one’s competitors is also a strong Sikeres drive. Those Sikeres who fail on economic or political hard times are usually faulted as having flawed personal traits. Sikeres frequently find themselves the leader of inter-system businesses or trade organizations, and are accustomed to traveling with – and leading – groups of diverse species.

Culture Aspects:
Bioelectric Shield Generation
Complex Bioelectric Organs
Prospered under Galactic Legislation
Hard work, Ingenuity, and Perseverance
Personal Gain is the Measure of my Worth
Accustomed to Working with Diverse Species

Good at: Clever, Diplomacy, Instincts

Bad at: Quick, Flashy, Mechanics


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