Blasian – Fish-eyes

Species Name: Blasians
Other Names: Fish-Eyes

Home Planet: Blewl

Physiology: Blasians are piscine in origin and breathe by filtering water through gills along their neck. Unlike primitive fish they do not pass the water through their mouth, intake and outflow all happen at the site of the gill slits. This allows the Blasians to speak while breathing, either underwater or above.

Their face is largely fishlike, with large bulging eyes on the side of their heads, a wide gaping mouth, and a thick fleshy central fin running along the center of their skull. Blasians are able to extend their necks backwards so that their face is oriented in line with the spine to grant the Blasian perfect swimming posture. Hands are webbed and feet grant them fast swimming speeds, but make them somewhat clumsy on land.

Blasians are somewhat pudgy by human standards, but their red skin is tough and provides natural protection. They live in the estuaries of their planet, and are able to live in both salt and fresh water, though they cannot live in either exclusively for a long period of time. While unable to breath outside of water, the Blasians have developed breathing devices that allow them to live outside of their native lakes. These look like half collars that clip around the back of the neck and have two transparent domes filled with water that cover both gills. The back of the collar is a thick tube that contains micro-scrubbers that provides clean oxygen to the water vesicles.

Culture: Blasian cities all lie beneath the surface of the water on their sub-tropical planet. Thriving best in the shallower estuaries between the deeper fresh water lakes and the salt water oceans, the roofs of their domed buildings often extended just above the water’s surface, creating decorative air pockets similar to how other races might install fountains or pools.

As a species they value ingenuity and intelligence, and have established impressive technical and engineering schools that are attended by species all across the Galactic Spiral. Their specially designed spacecraft also double as submarines, and can flood their entire hull for times when the entire crew is aquatic. Blasians rely on alliances and advanced weaponry far more than military strategy or training, and are likely to back down to any legitimate show of military strength.

Culture Aspects:
Largely Fish-like
Tough Protective Skin
Oxygenated Water Collar
Graduate of the Blasian Academies
Rely on Allies for Force
Possessing Ingenuity and Intelligence

Good at: Careful, Mechanics, Tech

Bad at: Forceful, Quick, Weapons


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