Gucorean – Hulking and Plant-covered

Species Name: Gucorean

Home Planet: Gucor

Physiology: Gucoreans vary a greatly in height; the smallest adults are may only be 5 or 6 feet tall while the largest may be 16 or 18 feet. These humanoids stoop when they walk, sometimes seeming to form a near 90 degree angle at the waist. Gucoreans are muscular, though occasionally very fat, with huge hands and feet with nails they sometimes file into claws. Gucoreans have large beak-shaped noses and thin lipped mouths. Eyes tend to be off by human standards, either too narrow or too wide-set, too glassy or too piercing.

Gucoreans are descended from a fungi-like organism, and still share some basic biological similarities with it despite the Gucorean bipedal form and omnivorous diet. They can regenerate damaged tissue, including reattaching severed limbs.

Gucoreans have no hair, but all foster a collection of plants across the top of their head down their back. Mosses or vines may cascade down the sides of a Gucorean’s face acting like hair. These plants and mushrooms establish roots into the Gucorean’s regenerative and nutrient rich flesh, and in return they purify and oxygenate the Gucorean’s blood.

Gucoreans can enter a natural hibernation, and sleep for years at a time. They do this during times where food is scarce, when fighting disease or poison, or when recovering from injury. It is not unheard of for a slumbering Gucorean to have so many plants maturing in their back that those observing it are unable to tell that there is a creature under the greenery.

Culture: There are no Gucorean cities, governments, or businesses. They tend to live alone or in small groups, and frequently live in caves or burrows.

They are vicious and use their brute strength to secure shelter, food, and power. Completely carnivorous, Gucoreans are not picky eaters and will consume carrion or fresh kills, small animals or sentient beings.

Culture Aspects:
Undiscriminating Carnivore
Life of Isolation
Regenerative and Nutrient Rich Flesh
Hulking Giant
Symbiotic Relationship with Plant-Covering
Natural Hibernation Cycle

Good at: Forceful, Sneaky, Instinct

Bad at: Tech, Pilot, Clever


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