Kye’kye – Subjugated Amphibians

Species Name: Kye’kye
Other Names:

Home Planet:
Imotel Home System

Physiology: The Kye’kye can draw their evolutionary history to the amphibians that are prevalent on their native planet. Their hairless skin is a vibrant red, orange or yellow color with exquisite mottling in other warm colors, browns, and blacks. Their eyes are large, slightly bulbous, and black and set wide on their faces. Kye’kye have no noticeable nose, though close inspection reveals two tiny slits that act as their scent receptors. Likewise, instead of ears they have sound sensitive organs that appear as small holes on the side of their face. Kye’kye are toothless, but strong jaw muscles and a tough mandible grants the Kye’kye a crushing bite. The Kye’kye are able to breathe underwater, by absorbing oxygen through their skin. They secrete a specialized mucus from their skin that keeps it moist at all times, though the Kye’kye must stay hydrated, either by submerging themselves in water or drinking plenty of fluids. They are particularly susceptible to chemicals or poisons that they can absorb through their skin. The digits of the Kye’kye end in powerful suction pads at allow them to stick to hard surfaces, even if it is perfectly smooth. They tend to be stronger than they appear, with their soft skin hiding the definition of muscles underneath. Females are smaller than males, averaging 4 ½ and 6 ½ feet respectively. Kye’kye offspring are born live, but develop through a tadpole like stage during which they are entirely aquatic and largely defenseless. The Kye’kye language is made up of a staggering amount of grunts, chirps, clicks, trills, and hums. Many of their communications convey subtly that cannot be accurately translated through most universal translation devices.

Culture: Living in the fertile water surrounding the roots of the large trees on the tropical planet of Imotel, the Kye’Kye have a rather simple existence. They have been subjugated by the Imotelese of the planet for centuries, have developed the cultural belief that the canopy dwelling Imotelese are the rightful rulers of the planet. Despite this virtual enslavement, the Kye’kye have a peaceful existent. While they have little technology, they consider themselves to be one united family, and freely trade with all of the Kye’kye across the planet. The abundance of food and mild weather patterns make the planet’s natural predators and the requirements of tribute to the Imotelese the only concerns for their welfare. Kye’kye are sometimes traded by Imotelese as servants, slaves, or soldiers. This is the primary reason they would ever leave the planet.

Culture Aspects:
Crushing Bite and Powerful Suction Cups
Covered in a Specialized Mucus, but Susceptible to Topical Chemicals
Stronger than they Appear
A Simple Existence of Peace
Imotelese are the Rightful Rulers
A Slave and A Servant

Good at: Careful, Forceful, Instinct

Bad at: Clever, Tech, Pilot


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