Imotelese – Frilled Canopy Rulers

Species Name: Imotelese
Other Names:

Home Planet: Imotel
Home System

Physiology: The Imotelese have evolved from the amphibian life that primarily makes up the fauna on Imotel. They are thin and light-weight to help them glide, which they accomplish using a retractable skin sail that attaches under the arm and down the side of the Imotel.  Their skin is a mottled aqua-green and sky blue that matches the leaves of their native world. Having lived in the canopy for so many centuries, the Imotel have developed lungs similar to other terrestrial species and have lost the ability to absorb oxygen through their skin.

Like the primitive Kye’Kye on their planet, the Imotelese have powerful suction pads on their fingers and toes that allow them to stick to solid surfaces. They have thin noses, yellow eyes, and a mouth full of sharp little teeth. They are hairless, but have a comb of brightly colored skin running back across the center of the head that lays flat against their skull until the Imotelese becomes aggressive. At that time this crown shoots forward as a sign of strength.

The Imotelese are intelligent, though their primitive planet often leads other races to underestimate their intellect. Coupled with a natural paralytic toxin, they enjoy political intrigue and are readily equipped.

Culture: The Imotelese have a complicated governmental system based on the performance and owing of favors. Assassination of political rivals is common, but extreme steps are taken to ensure the death cannot be tied back to the perpetrator.

The Imotelese live exclusively in canopy cities high above the water their home trees grow in. For centuries they have subjugated the Kye’kye species that live in the water below, forcing them to cultivate and harvest food for their kingdom. Unlike the Kye’kye who rarely wear clothes, the Imotelese wear long, regal robes.

Imotelese who have been publicly humiliated or have otherwise lost face within the Imotelese courts will often leave the planet to either establish themselves elsewhere or to bide their time and gather resources for a return to Imotel.

Culture Aspects:
Canopy Dweller
A Most Impressive Comb
An Expert in Political Intrigue
Favors to Call In
Lost Face with the Courts
Slaves to Command

Good at: Clever, Sneaky, Diplomacy

Bad at: Forceful, Pilot, Mechanics



Imotel is a tropical, moonless planet devoid of tides. The planet’s surface is nearly completely covered by freshwater, from which giant trees grow. A red algae colors all of the water on the planet’s surface, while the foliage of the trees tend to be an aqua-green or blue color. Nearly all life on the planet is either plant or amphibian, with both sentient species being the later. The intelligent Imotelese inhabit the canopy of the planet, while the simple Kye’kye dwell in the water below.

Planet Aspects:
Canopy of Blue above
Rivers of Red below


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