Regala – Royal Lions

Species Name: Regala
Other Names: Lions

Home Planet: Regalis
Home System: Regalor

Physiology: In nearly all aspects the Regala appear as large Earth Lions. The stand five to six feet at the shoulder. Males tend to be slightly taller, but their real distinguishing feature is the large mane of hair that surrounds their face. The Regala have excellent eyesight, and even better senses of smell. Powerful muscles, crushing jaws, and deadly claws make Regalas natural fighters, which they augment with battle armor and weapons. Even though they are non-humanoid they are fully able to use language and much technology, though their handicaps  come from a lack of hands more often than from a lack of intellect. While most of their race are a sandy color, white, grey, red, and black furred Regalas do occur.

Culture: The Regala have been governed by Monarchies for all of recorded history. While they are currently united under one crown, there have been times where waring kings separated the land amongst their own kingdoms, and uprisings and coups are the foundations of much of Regalis history.  All Regala are considered nobility, which provides ample opportunities of slighted princes and greedy duchesses to demand a turn at the thrown.

Besides their internal power plays, the Regala are a noble race who tend to value honor and bravery, though they are often prideful and arrogant as well. They frequently hire servants and advisors of other species, as well as workers, farmers, and laborers. Land owner, knight, and ruler are the only professions Regala fill on their home planet, though they may be persuaded into influential political positions in other systems.

Regalis is a wealthy planet, full of precious metals and valuable minerals. Much of the battle armaments that a Regala wears was forged from native materials. This often includes ornate helmets and chest plates, bracers and leg guards, and forged claws and spiked shoulder plating. Likewise their palaces and fortresses tend to be made almost exclusively out of the metals and gems mined on their planet. Regalas prefer voice activated technology, and when encountered in space often lead crews of humanoids to better operate their acquired vessels.


Culture Aspects:
Crushing Jaws and Deadly Claws
Stunning Battle Arms and Armor
Tech’s not built for Paws
Bravest of the Brave
Trusted Advisors
A Noble with a Right to Rule

Good at: Forceful, Instinct, Diplomacy

Bad at: Sneaky, Careful, Mechanics


Regalor System

Regalor is a thriving system of numerous planets of various environmental make-up rotating around a healthy and young yellow star. All orbiting bodies in the system are considered colonies of the monarchy on Regalis. All other planets and moons that can sustain a mining operation, or other lucrative venture, have had communities of various species established to work under Regala rule. Regalor is one of the few truly independently ruled systems in the Galactic Arm, though they have treaties with the reigning empires of the sector.

 System Aspects
Under Regala Rule
Lucrative Colonies


Regalis is a planet with diverse climates, ranging from arctic to temperate to tropic. The Regala have established many cities, the capital being the seat of power for the royal family and the reigning king. Many species live on Regalis, but nearly all are employed by the Regala nobility native to the planet.

Planet Aspects
Ruled by the Royal Family
Employed by Regala nobility


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