Character Example – Zuberi the Pobawa

Name: Zuberi
Species: Pobawa

Appearance: Standing only 4 feet high, and having large black eyes, Zuberi often is seen as “cute” and “child-like.” He has large ears that extend back from the sides of his face and the up turned nose typical of his kind, and chocolate brown skin. His fingers end with short claws designed for scale hard cliff-faces.

Personality: Zuberi tries his best to be likable. After all, you are less likely to find yourself in trouble when the alpha dogs see you as one of their pack. Zuberi sees his crew as his family, and will be loyal to them – even the ones he doesn’t like. However, these positive traits should not be construed as meaning Zuberi is a push over or harmless. Years of deprivation and fighting for survival has given him a sharp edge, and he’ll mercilessly strike against enemies in the most damaging ways possible.

Skills: Zuberi’s mind is constantly running, and he is able to compute complex formulas much faster than others. This, coupled with years of practice, has made him an expert on making ship’s systems run – particularly scanners and transmitters. His alien physiology grants him excellent climbing skills and echolocation in addition to overall heightened senses of smell and hearing. In exchange he has sensitive eyes that are easily irritated by bright lights.

History: Zuberi’s early life was lived with his colony deep under the surface of Subiri-III. When he was just a kit his entire colony was destroyed save for a handful of survivors who were exiled to the cold, barren, and radioactive surface. It did not take long before the survivors began to die, one by one. It was only by luck that a human research team landed on Subiri-III to study it’s unique physical properties just before young Zuberi succumbed to the cold, to starvation, and to the life draining radiation.

Zuberi traveled with these humans for several years, where he cultivated his intellect in a manner unavailable in the Infinite Caves. Reaching adulthood he took a position among a merchant ship as their systems engineer. For a decade he served under the human captain, and then for four more years under his son when the family business was passed on. He would have stayed with that ship indefinitely except fate intervened. Wrongfully accused of trafficking stolen and prohibited goods his captain and second in command were executed and the ship confiscated. It was only through spending his last bit of cash and stowing away on a cargo carrier was Zuberi able to make it safely, and alone, to shapeshifter territory. For nearly 8 months he lived on that planet, and during this time he struck up a passionate affair with Takara. The relationship was destined to end quickly when Takara purchased a ship of her own independent of her family’s business. As she left for the stars Zuberi insisted that she let him com along. Of course the conditions were he was crew – not lover. Zuberi could live with that if it meant starfaring again.

Zuberi feels fiercely loyal to the crew of the Ellenium, and even risked his own life to save Kitta when she was ambushed. Zuberi helped bring both the shattered Avian and the cyborg pilot on as crew after his life was saved by the Avain medic. Of course there are some crew members he wouldn’t mind if they left, but while they are working for the Captain they at part of his new colony.

Equipment: Zuberi wears a ballistic vest and carries an electro-blaster. Additionally, he has acquired a Universal Computer Hookup, a small device that allows him to interface with most computers at a short distance by delicately rotating the silver pen-like device after the link is secured.

Zuberi has a pet modulated millipede name Jicho, a two foot long, dark red millipede with the intelligence higher than that of a typical dog. Equipped with an internal recorder and a low-quality hologram projection device, Jicho videos everything he sees and can play it back as a somewhat fuzzy hologram.


Name Zuberi
High Concept Batling Tech Genius
Trouble History of Loosing his Family
Aspect The “Ellenium” is my Colony now
Aspect Jicho, Pet Modulated Millipede
Alien Culture Pobawa – “Batling”
1) Bat Ears, Bat Eyes, Bat Nose
2) Ultrasonic Echolocation
Stunt Because the crew of the “Ellenium” is my colony now, I get +2 to Forcefully attack using Weapons when the crew is in danger.
Stunt Because of my Pobawa echolocation lets me react quickly, I get +2 to quickly defend using instinct when an attack takes me by surpirse.
Stunt Because my mind is constantly running, I get a +2 to cleverly overcome an obstacle using thinking when computing a complex formula.
Careful 1 Tech 2
Clever 3 Weapons 1
Flashy 0 Diplomacy 0
Forceful 2 Pilot 0
Quick 2 Mechanics 1
Sneaky 1 Thinking 3
Instinct 2


Zuberi was a character from the space opera game that launched this whole project! Look for more from the crew of the Ellenium in the future.


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