Stetsar – Supreme Logicians

Species Name: Stetsar
Other Names:

Home Planet:
Home System:

Physiology: The Stetsar are inherently more intelligent than most other Galactic races and excel at problem solving and logic. Humanoid in form, Stetsar have enlarged brains which correspond to a large lump on the left forehead. In addition to this uniquely developed cranium, Stetsar are completely hairless, with rust colored skin and yellow eyes.

Culture: The Stetsar wear simple clothes in shades of gray, but accessorize with mixed metal breastplates, bracelets, and greaves. Many also wear metallic circlets or half-helmets that emphasize their enlarged left lobe.

Stetsar society values debate and reason above all else. This has lead to a rather peaceful civilization whose government is little more than moderators for debates between conflicting parties. Law and ethics are much more developed than the arts or science, but the Stetsar have established lucrative trade alliances that have helped their planet advanced quickly. Once powerful computer technology was introduced to the Stetsar they excelled at programming, and often serve is this function when traveling on spacecraft. Stetsar logic puzzles are frequently found in game halls in the Galactic Spiral, and prove to be difficult games to do well in and nearly impossible to win.

Culture Aspects:
Programmer of the Logic Puzzles
Reason above all Else
Master of Law and Ethics
Enlarged Frontal Lobe
All Conflict can be Settled by Debate
Respected Moderator

Good at: Clever, Thinking, Diplomacy

Bad at: Forceful, Flashy, Weapons


Stetsar Homeworld

On the Stetsar Homeworld there are two distinguishing establishments: The Grand Halls of Logic and the various gaming retreats. The Grand Halls of Logic is a city-sized building which houses the Stetsar government as well as the courts where debates occur and the great Stetsar ledgers, which are libraries where the proceedings and results of every debate is kept.  The gaming retreats are small outposts spaced around the planet where foreigners to the planet gamble away their money on the Stetsar logic puzzles and other imported games.

Planet Aspects:
Grand Halls of Logic
Lucrative Gaming Retreats



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