Necroplast – Colonizing Reanimators

Species Name: Necroplast
Other Names:

Home Planet: Vorvorix
Home System:

Physiology: Necroplasts are rarely encountered in their native form. An individual Necroplast appears like a small, glowing sac of purple luminescent fluid. For those few who have been able to handle this sac it feels like a soft-shelled reptilian egg, or perhaps a bird egg with only the outermost hard shell removed. The Necroplast creates thick mucus-like ooze that glows along with the nucleus. This neural-mucus maintains close proximity to the Necroplast proper, and through manipulation of this ooze the Necroplast can propel itself through liquid or across solid surfaces. Additionally it can shoot out mucus tendrils to lift itself to walls or to grab and burrow into its prey. It attacks living creatures by injecting this mucus into the veins and cavities of its prey.

Despite the possibility of mobility across dry ground, Necroplasts are much slower and more vulnerable out of liquid. When introduced into water or other neutral liquid the Necroplast produces mucus in excess, and transforms the pool into a glowing protective sludge that the Necroplast can manipulate to pull in creatures that wander too close. An individual Necroplast can only transform a relatively small amount of liquid this way, but in areas with a large population of Necroplasts ponds, lakes, and oceans can be transformed. When multiple Necroplasts are in the same transformed body of fluid they can communicate with each other through the mucus using neuro-chemical transmitters. Necroplasts reproduce in these pools by budding off new, young Necroplasts.

The Necroplasts most defining characteristic, however, is their reanimation and control of deceased life forms. A Necroblast burrows partially into the flesh of a host, living or dead, and injects its neural mucus into the body. This allows the Necroplast to fully control the host and access its memories. Freshly killed hosts are able to pass as healthy, if odd, members of their species for as long as the still glowing, partially exposed Necroplast remains hidden. Hosts that have been dead longer grant only limited maneuverability, functioning, and memories depending on the state of the host. A Necroplast can, however, prevent further decomposition and continue living in a host body that would be unsalvageable by any medical means.

Culture: The Necroplast are seen as incredibly alien to other sentient races. While they clearly have demonstrated a desire to expand across the galaxy like a plague, little else is understood about how the race operates. At times Necroplast colonies will use their hosts to build impressive cities, starships, and infrastructure. At others they will use hosts to forge alliances with other civilizations they come in contact with. At still other times Necroplast colonies will seek to make hosts of all living species on the planet, steal their ships, and travel to the next closest planet to create new colonies and spread further.

A Necroplast may also attach to a host and live a “normal” existence for decades. Some either move on to new hosts when the first wears out and continue living peaceful productive existence. However, when these Necroplasts encounter others of their species or come across established colonies they virtually always work in unison with the other Necroplasts towards the goal that is best for both of them.

Necroplasts in “fresh” hosts often take on a portion of the personality and behavior traits of their host and are completely capable of communicating in that hosts language. However, attempts at discovering exactly how Necroplastic society functions have never been successful.

Culture Aspects:
Alien Motivations
“Passing” in its Current Host
A Degraded Reanimated Host
Part of a Colony
Expanding Like a Plague
Neural Mucus

Good at: Careful,  Sneaky, Instinct

Bad at: Diplomacy, Clever, Flashy


Vorvorix is a rogue planet, having been set free from orbit by an unknown galactic cataclysm millions of years earlier. Vorvorix is a huge planet, covered in what used to be a murky sludge. The native Necroplasts have since established colonies in nearly all standing water, transforming it into a glowing purple ooze filled with Necroplast spheres. Civilizations fleeing from the dead zone routinely land on the glowing planet looking for a place to settle, resupply, or simply rest. These refugees are frequently slaughtered instantly for hosts, but some are allowed to establish cities on the surface. Thousands of different species live in these cities that fill the few landmasses on the planet, but residents are often unable to tell Necroplasts from living creatures due to the purple glow that illuminates the whole planet.

Planet Aspects:
All Water is now Neural Mucus
Refugees from the Dead Zone
The Planet Glows Purple


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