Tartian – Bartering Tapirs

Species Name: Tartian
Other Names:

Home Planet: Tars
Home System:

Physiology: Short and stocky, adult Tartians rarely exceed 5 feet in height. Their feet end in three thick, hooved toes and each hand has four thick fingers.  Tartian skin is brown or grey, and the young have white spots and stripes that fade as they age.

Tartians have an elongated partially prehensile snout. This proboscis provides an advanced sense of smell, but also helps reaching things above the Tartian’s head since their arms don’t reach above their head. They have short dark fur on top of their heads, though many Tartians shave this completely. Their sensitive ears are large and oval and their eyes are brown.

Tartians only eat plants, though their tough molars and hardy stomach allows them to consume a huge range of food.

Culture: The Tartians are largely non-aggressive, choosing to flee instead of fight. Centuries of space commerce has provided individual Tartians with the weapons needed to defend themselves even if their planet has no military. Their home planet’s economy is based on barter, and Tartians across the galaxy tend to work as merchants and traders or staff at Commerce stations. Within Tartian society, leadership positions are regularly bought and traded, which lends a certain instability to Tartian life.

Culture Aspects:
Partially Prehensile Snout
Tough Molars and Hardy Stomach
Rather Run than Fight
“Take a look at this, its very valuable.”
Everything is up for Trade
Non-aggressive… mostly

Good at: Diplomacy, Tech, Clever

Bad at: Flashy, Sneaky, Mechanics


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