Dimicru – Halfmen

Species Name: Dimicru (Dimicrura)
Other Names: Halfmen

Home Planet:
Home System:

Physiology: Largely human in appearance, evolution has lead the Dimicrura to lack legs. Instead, their bodies naturally end in a soft nub just below the waste. This nub contains hundreds of muscles, and a hand placed on this area can feel small pulsations. These muscles allow a Dimicru to control the complex vehicles that Dimicrura culture has developed.

These machines take a variety of forms, the simplest of which approximate mechanized wheel chairs. Large spider-like legs, hover-chairs and cars, boats, submarines, tank treads, and space craft have all been developed. Each of these have a slot where the Dimicru pilot can be lowered in and any able-bodied Dimicru can adeptly operate one of these machines.

Culture: Dimicrura are a technological advanced race, and have used these discoveries to overcome what is largely considered a fatal weakness by other races. Corporations dominate government to the point that positions in the Dimicrura senate are awarded to the most wealthy and successful businesses to fill. All military, religion, and social service powers are corporations as well.

Culture Aspects:
Crippled without my Machine
One with my Vehicle
Robot from the Waist Down
Trained Mechanic
A Corporate (Wo)Man
Awarded my Position because of my Business Acumen

Good at: Clever, Tech, Mechanics

Bad at: Sneaky, Careful, Thinking


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