Harakt – Massive Spiders

Species Name: Harakt
Other Names:

Home Planet: None
Home System: None

Physiology: Harakts look like huge spiders, adults females  being 18 feet long or more; males may be as little as half that. Their carapaces are hard and shiny, often looking wet. They range in color from deep violet to blood red to pitch black.

Each of the eight legs end in two thick claws and a patch of specialized hairs that allow the Harakt to handle their webbing without being caught. The claws on the front two legs are more dexterous than the others, which allows them minimal ability in manipulating tools and controls.

The head is attached to the Harakts’ large, bulbous body. Their faces are vaguely humanoid, though elongated with the appearance of having their skin stretched too tight. Their mouths are extended and filled with piercing teeth and two fangs that inject a neurotoxin that promotes convulsions. They have eight solid, glassy eyes, which give them an incredible range of vision.

Harakt have spinnerets on the end of their bodies with which they produce a strong and sometimes sticky web. With this the Harakt cocoons preys, weave egg sacks, and produce snares to catch meals and enemies.

Culture: The  Harakt is a largely solitary race, though when more than one Harakt are together the largest woman naturally becomes the matriarch of the group. From infancy, often several smaller males will travel along with a female, acting as servants, guards, and mates.  Babies are born fully functional, if with a diminished intellect. These foot long monsters may swarm larger prey if hungry enough, often eating the males that sired them. Their strongest infantile instincts, however, is to travel away from their nest, in traveling space ships if possible. This spreads the Harakt across the galaxy.

Harakts are cunning, ruthless, and cruel. Survival and reproduction are their primary drives, though some particularly cunning Harakt have created small armies of Harakt or other races and launched siege on cities, ships, and stations.

Culture Aspects:
Massive Spider
Natural Neurotoxin
Eight Solid, Glassy Eyes
Strong and Sticky Web
Spider Matriarch
Cunning, Ruthless, and Cruel

Good at: Sneaky, Forceful, Instinct

Bad at: Flashy, Mechanics, Tech


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