Prulop – Aquatic Operators of Robotic Shells

Species Name: Prulop
Other Names:

Home Planet: Prulopa
Home System:

Physiology: The Prulops appear as small, fetus-like creatures. The have short stubby arms and fingers, an enlarged forhead with round unblinking eyes, and a thick tail. Gills run down their chest. White, translucent skin allow for the inner organs to be seen. This skin is incredibly soft and Prulops exposed to force injure and die easily. Prulops are nearly identical in appearance, with eye color being one of the few differing characteristics. They are small, measuring  nine and 3/4 inches in length. Unlike the neonatal creatures they share appearance with, Prulops are fully mobile and posses full mental capabilities.

Prulops must live in water, However they have developed complex robotic suits that allow them to live and interact on dry land. While these machines may differ greatly in design, the central feature is a transparent, fluid filled sphere where the Prulop can survive and operate the machine. This sphere is filled with a specially developed liquid that allows the transition of neural communication from the Prulop to the connected robotic shell. This allows the Prulop mental control over it’s machine. Nutrients and air are taken in through the machine and integrated with the controlling fluid and waste products are filtered out, allowing the Prulops to live within their machines indefinitely.

Culture: Before the arrival of interplanetary visitors, the Prulop had an idyllic existence without commerce, war, or politics. These early visitors created the first rudimentary machines to allow the Prulop to interact and communicate with them.

A thousand years later nearly every Prulop spends the entirety of their life in their neural command orbs. Large floating factories float on the surface of their world’s oceans, polluting them with toxic substances. Few creatures still swim in the open seas. Social strata have formed, allowing the rich and influential to control the means of production and have superior robotic shells. A new class of citizens, unable to pay for necessities on their planet that they have taken to the stars to find the means to maintain and improve their suites elsewhere.

Fairly straight-forward, they have difficulty controlling what they say since thoughts are converted to words by their mechanisms.  They tend to be short sighted in their goals, though usually very capable at achieving them.

Culture Aspects:
Superior Robotic Shell
Can Only Afford a Basic Shell
Thoughts Instantly Converted to Speech
Lived Whole Life in this Neural Command Orb
Completely Aquatic
Robotics Factory Tycoon

Good at: Clever, Pilot, Mechanics

Bad at: Careful, Forceful, Diplomacy


Prulopa is an ocean planet with no natural land masses. Once pristine and filled with the native Prulops, this great sea is now heavily polluted by the large floating factories creating the robotic devices that allow the aquatic Prulops to live out of water and take to the stars.

Planet Aspects:
Floating Factories
Heavily Polluted Water
One Great Sea


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