Forbatian – Regenerating Shapechangers

Species Name: Forbatian
Other Names:

Home Planet: Forbat
Home System:

Physiology: At birth a Forbatian looks like a beige featureless grub. These creatures are immensely flexible and resilient, and consume food through osmosis. As these infant Forbatians grow they develop limbs and a distinguished head and grow in size similar to humans. By early childhood the Forbatians’ form-shifting abilities manifest, allowing the child to mimic the appearance of those around them. By adolescence Forbatians settle on an appearance that becomes fixed, though this appearance can be similar to any humanoid species. This means that adult Forbatians rarely look like they belong to others of their race.

What might be most unique about Forbatians are their regenerative powers. When a Forbatian dies through means other than the natural breakdown of their genetic material that occurs with age, the cells of their body reform and replicate in order to form a brand new body. This body tends to form as a undifferentiated grey featureless body similar to Forbatian youth, but in a short period of time they settle on a new permanent form.

Some Forbatians have the ability to make changes to their body: temporarily extending the length of their limbs, becoming flexible enough to squeeze through tight spaces, and in rare cases take a completely liquid form for short periods of time. All Forbatians can identify another Forbatian due to the exchange of chemicals that occurs when their skin touch.

Culture: Forbatians have not been as successful adapting to inter-system as other civilizations. Their planet has largely become a slum-world where sex trafficking is the leading industry. Crime Lords from other planets have made Forbat an important hub in smuggling and other illegal activities. Forbatians are extremely open-minded, largely due to their ability to look like any humanoid species. Forbatians are able to blend into most societies, and have taken to the stars to escape the squalor their homeworld has fallen into.

Culture Aspects:
Ready for a Regeneration
Not the Species that I look Like
Extremely Open-Minded
Trying to Escape the Squalor
Hails from a Slum-World
Master Manipulator of My Body

Good at: Sneaky, Clever, Diplomacy

Bad at: Careful, Tech, Pilot


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