Yowie – Family-Centered Beasts

Species Name: Yowie
Other Names:

Home Planet:
Home System:

Physiology: The Yowie stand between 7 and 8 feet tall with broad shoulders and muscled arms. Their features are broad and flat, with a pronounced brow. Yowies have pronounced canines, though these are completely hidden when they close their mouths.

Yowies are completely covered by coarse gray or brown hair, save for their faces, palms, and soles. Their fingers are thick, and their arms extend down to mid-shin level. Often a Yowie will run on all fours, crouching to let it’s knuckles reach the ground. Yowies are many times stronger than humans, and while they tend to be less intelligent than humans they are often under-estimated by other races.

A Yowie always has a strong, musky scent. However, this aids the Yowie in two ways. First, the scent tends to “stick ” in the nose of those smelling it so they cannot smell any other scent or accurately track the Yowie. Second, Yowie’s may release this scent when trapped or attacked in such levels as to nauseated many other species.

Culture: Yowies tend to be superstitious and simple-minded. However, they’ve developed a tribal system in which families exist as semi-independent units while the larger community bands together for hunting and protection. Yowies mate for life – divorce is a foreign concept and even the death of a spouse does not allow a widow or widower to remarry. Instead, when all of their children become adults these “lonely ones” become elevated to the roll tribal council; the logic being that they are less concerned for their family’s needs and are able to worry about the good of the community, and they are able to receive guidance from their deceased mate.

Since making contact with space-faring races, Yowies have taken to the stars with eager anticipation. Occasionally they may pick up skills as mechanics or pilots; they usually serve as security or simple labor. Young adults who have not yet mated are the most likely to chose this life, before returning to their familial tribe.

Culture Aspects:
More than my Ferocious Appearance
Superstitious and Simple-minded
Moves like a Beast
Nauseating Musk
Raising the cubs with my Life-mate
“Lonely One” Leading the Tribe

Good at: Forceful, Careful, Instincts

Bad at: Clever, Thinking, Tech


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