Ursian – Bear Clansmen

Species Name: Ursian
Other Names:

Home Planet:
Home System:

Physiology: Resembling Earth bears in many ways, the Ursians are fierce combatants. Their heads are nearly identical to that of a bear, though they are capable of articulated speech. Smell is their best sense and they are covered in fur. This comes in a range of color from white, to grey, to steel blue, to black.

Their large paws have wicked looking claws but are remarkably deft at fine manipulation in the way humans are. Ursians generally walk on their hind legs, but if they have lost their weapons or are required to move at high speeds they may run on all fours.

Full grown male Ursians may top over 7 feet and a half, and even female Ursians nearly always exceed 6 feet tall.

Culture: Ursians are a clan based race, with numerous houses ruling across their homeworld. Each clan tends to specialize in the types of weapon they train with. Ursians attempt to maintain neutrality in regards to other planets, but their barren planet makes trade with others a necessity.

Ursians determine leadership through weaponless fights, sometimes to the death. While not unintelligent, they have little use for the sciences or the arts and focus all schooling on survival, smithing, and battle.

Culture Aspects:
Fierce Combatant
Large Paws and Wicked Claws
Expert in my Clan’s Weapon
Survivor on a Barren Planet
Won my Position through Battle
Little Use for Science or Art

Good at: Forceful, Instinct, Weapons

Bad at: Sneaky, Clever, Tech


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