Equesian – Hospitality Otters

Species Name: Equesian
Other Names:

Home Planet: Green Rivers, formally Eques
Home System:

Physiology: Equesians look like large Earth otters. Standing on their back legs they can top 3 and a half feet, with a long wide tail behind them. Their limbs are short and end in clawed webbed feet which are surprisingly agile and able to manipulate even complicated tool or controls. Equesians are excellent swimmers and are able to hold their breath for extended periods of time. They eat a strictly carnivorous diet, and are fair trackers and hunters. Their high metabolisms have given them the reputation of being perpetually hungry, which is not unfounded.

Culture: Equesians are playful, clever, and curious. There natural but unfocused curiosity is one of the reasons why their own nation’s technological advances have been few. Instead, they have adopted what technology that has come to their planet to good use. While Equesians have repeatedly traveled to space for various reasons, and some have started businesses across the galaxy, the majority of Equesians find their homeworld to be more than engrossing enough to keep them on the planet. With the designation of their planet as a Hospitality World where visitors the galaxy over come to stay and relax the Equesians find themselves to never be without work or a new face to meet.

Culture Aspects:
Playful Otter
Natural, but Unfocused, Curiosity
From a Hospitality Planet
Excellent Swimmer
Tracker and Hunter
High Metabolism Leaves me Perpetually Hungry

Good at: Quick, Clever, Instinct

Bad at: Forceful, Tech, Mechanics

Green Rivers

The planet Eques was remained Green Rivers and designated a Hospitality Planet by the GSTC. This distinction means that the planet receives trade stimulus money and is under strict development and environmental regulations in order to produce a perfect vacation destination. Most commerce on the planet is related to the travel and tourism industry, and most of the positions are filled by the local Equesians. The planet is mostly covered by rolling hills, sunny forests, and sparkling rivers.

Planet Aspects:
 Designated Hospitality Planet
Galactic Vacation Destination


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