Pylons – Sentient Crystals

Species Name: Pylons
Other Names: Crystals

Home Planet: Absalom
Home System:

Physiology: A Pylon looks like a perfectly symmetrical crystal is a shape similar to natural quartz prism. They may range in size from a mere 6 inches in length to several stories long. They vary in color, but are always have a milky, translucent appearance. By all observations, a Pylon looks just like a normal perfectly shaped crystal, but are, in fact, sentient.

Pylons have a measure of psychic ability, and glow and vibrate while they are communicating with others. Some Pylons have been installed into machines that interpret and translate these vibrations into speech, but most rely on this psychic ability. All Pylons can communicate with a creature it is touching, some may speak telepathically at a distance, and a rare few can exhibit forceful mind reading or even mind control.

Much about Pylon physiology, however, is a mystery to other races.

Culture: Like much else about Pylons, their culture is largely mysterious. They have been suspected of manipulating others to achieve their own goals, but these goals can vary greatly between Pylons.

Culture Aspects:
Living Crystal
Telepathic Abilities
Advanced Psychic Abilities
Mysterious Lifeform
Subtle Manipulation Towards My Own Goal
Perfectly Symmetrical Prism

Good at: Instinct, Sneaky, Careful

Bad at: Quick, Mechanics, Weapons


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