Veloxum – Natural Teleporters

Species Name: Veloxum
Other Names:

Home Planet: Velos
Home System:

Physiology: The Veloxum are black blooded humanoids with black mouths and lips and yellow skin. Their hair is the color and opacity of honey, and is often styled in jagged and architectural styles. A Veloxum can absorb electrical or pulse energy through its skin and store it in an internal natural battery. If the Veloxum has enough energy stored, then it may expend that energy in one violent eruption that causes a temporal rift. Utilizing this rift the Veloxum can teleport across space without the use of technology. This sends a light shock wave of force centered on the location the Veloxum left, and a loud crack sounds out in both locations.

Culture: The Veloxum were the victims of inter-planetary exploitation for nearly a century and a half. An alliance of more developed planets invaded Velos and used the Veloxum people as test subjects for their trans-galactic teleportation experiments. The Veloxum revolution brought the end to the colonial powers that had subjugated their planet, and today Velos has developed into a powerful military planet on the edge of the Dead Zone. The Veloxum empire has extended back into the Dead Zone, using teleporting shock troops before entering hostile space with their war cruisers.

Culture Aspects:
Natural Teleporter
Internal Natural Battery
Forceful Temporal Rift
Exploited No More
“Shock” Trooper
Claims to the Dead Zone

Good at: Weapons, Instinct, Quick

Bad at: Sneaky, Careful, Diplomacy


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