Karsak – Violent Fishfolk

Species Name: Karsak
Other Names:

Home Planet:
Home System:

Physiology: These piscine humanoids stand over 6 feet tall and are covered in a tough, leathery green skin. They have both lungs and gills, and have specialized muscles that close off the lungs when they could be filled with water. This mechanism makes the Karsaks most prone to oxygen deprivation when they are in turbulent splashing waters where neither air nor water is plentiful enough for the Karsak to get the oxygen they need. As such, Karsaks do not linger on  the surface of the waters in which they live.

Living amongst powerful currents has caused the Karsaks to become strong, durable, and muscular. Webbed hands and feet make Karsaks powerful swimmers, and their fingers end in short but sharp claws. Fins also run along the forearm. Their heads are smooth and bullet shaped with two front facing black glossy eyes that grant excellent depth perception. Their noses are nothing but small slits, but regardless of size they have a remarkable sense of smell when in the water. Their ears are small indentations on the side of their head. Their wide mouths are full of tiny, razor sharp teeth, and their saliva contains an enzyme that prevents clotting in many species.

Karsaks are equally agile in and out of water. They can jump great distances out of the water’s surface, use their wide feet and sharp claws to cling to cliff faces, and have the stamina to keep swimming or running for hours at a time. To accommodate their large webbed feet when running, Karsaks often take a hunched, four-limbed posture when moving at fast speeds. Even when upright, out of water they are always slightly hunched.

Culture: The majority of Karsak buildings are built along the bottom of the deep oceanic rivers that cover their planet. Currents are much weaker at these depths, the ocean floor provides a firm foundation, and the Karsaks have domesticated bottom-dwelling piscine cattle. On the surface of the large barren rock formations that jut out of the ocean they build their sacred temples, diplomatic embassies, and military defensives.

The Karsaks are a violent race. The deadliest combatants maintain places of honor and importance in Karsak society, and are often rewarded with positions in the Karsak priesthood as they age.

Culture Aspects:
Rewarded for Violence and Death
Member of the Karsak Priesthood
Tireless Swimmer and Runner
Lives Amongst Powerful Currents
Natural Predator
Lungs and Gills

Good at: Forceful, Quick, Instinct

Bad at: Flashy, Thinking, Pilot


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