Pneuvra – Disembodied Civilization

Species Name: Pneuvra
Other Names:

Home Planet: Chantai
Home System:

Physiology: The Pneuvra are a disembodied race, dispersed into what might be an alternative dimension. When they manifest in the prime dimension they often appear washed-out or even translucent despite being completely solid.

Manifestation does not seem to be completely voluntary, though some Pneuvra have learned how to blink in and out of existence or to become  incorporeal at will . Individual Pneuvra or small groups often seem to be attached to particular person, object, or place and routinely manifest only around that anchor. Pneuvra may go decades or longer before they manifest again, and they seem to enter a state of hibernation during these extended periods. Pneuvra can never provide a clear or coherent picture of what their new dimensional home is like.

Pneuvra look like humans save for their gaunt appearances and glowing eyes. Whether these were natural traits or results of their banishment it is generally unknown.

Culture: Chantai was a planet who’s government was deeply devoted to developing trans-galactic teleportation before their planetary adversaries cracked the mystery. Years of research and hundreds of  billions of Pneuvra chan were spent building the experimental device needed to generate the appropriate energy fluctuations. These experiments proved to be he Pneuvra downfall, for when the device malfunctioned the entire planet – and the whole Pneuvra race – was shunted into a parallel nether space outside of the reality the galaxy exists in.

The Pneuvra were fiercely jingoistic, and those civilizations that remember more about them than simply recalling their great tragedy recall this fact. Since the Great Disaster, the Pneuvra have become even more obsessed than they were in life, though the cause they champion differs greatly between materializing groups of Pneuvra.

Culture Aspects:
Fiercely Jingoistic
Obsessed with Our Cause
Somewhat Translucent
Tentative Presence in this Dimension
Effected by the Nether-Space
Developing Mastery of my Trans-dimensional Existence

Good at: Sneaky, Forceful, Technology

Bad at: Diplomacy, Instinct, Careful


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