Obloc – Small-headed Brutes

Species Name: Obloc
Other Names:

Home Planet:
Home System:

Physiology: Oblocs are big hulking brutes. They stand nine feet tall and are nearly as wide, with huge shoulders, arms, and legs that bulge with muscles and sinew. Their hands are large enough that when they are used together they can encircle most humanoid species. Their girth gives them immense strength and they are blessed with a formidable constitution.

What is particularly unique about Obloc biology is how miniscule their heads are in comparison to their body. Their craniums are nearly half the size of humans. Their grotesque face seems to be all nose, eyes, and mouth. With these the Oblocs have fair senses, but they are dim-witted and have slow reaction times. Their head may seem to stick out of the chest at first glance, but closer inspection reveals that it is simple the girth of their shoulders that extend above their heads.

Though they prefer freshly killed meat Obloc diets consist mostly of the nutrient rich moss found on their planet.

Culture: Oblocs spend the majority of their time living alone. Once a month they congregate in groups around the nearest pool of pungent phosphorescent algae native to their planet. At these convocations the Oblocs trade goods, establish mating partners (which can change at the next convocation), and vote concerning matters that impact the whole group. Violence is strictly forbidden at these meetings, and are thus the safest time to make contact with the Oblocs. They largely lack the cognitive skills needed to worry about alliances, deals, and politics, but are sought after by other races as loyal and easily controlled guards and soldiers.

Culture Aspects:
Prefer Fresh Meat
Hulking Brute
9 by 9 Foot Frame
Exceptionally Slow Reaction Time
Respect for the Convocation
Diminutive Skull – Diminutive Brain

Good at: Forceful, Weapons, Instinct

Bad at: Quick, Clever, Thinking


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